ELISA Validated Antibodies

Selected and developed from OriGene’s extensive TrueMAB® antibody collection, OriGene’s ELISA antibodies undergo a multi-step validation process that optimizes antibody performance to generate great results for your ELISA application. OriGene’s ELISA antibodies are –

  • Specific Monoclonal Antibodies
  • Raised Against Authentic Full Length Human Proteins
  • Highly Sensitive (0.1 ng/ml – when following OriGene’s ELISA protocol)
ELISA Validated mAB

Pairs Available for

OriGene’s ELISA validated antibodies are derivative of the high-quality mouse monoclonal TrueMAB® antibodies. Raised against full length human proteins and validated extensively, TrueMABs™ are great tools for various immunoassays sensitive to proteins’ native conformation.

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