Carrier Free Antibodies


OriGene offers carrier-free antibodies for over 2800+ targets. These are mouse monoclonal antibodies (TrueMAB & UltraMAB) in buffers free of carriers such as BSA, glycerol, and sodium-azide and are ready for downstream applications such as conjugations to fluorophores, metals, and enzymes.

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Features and Benefits

  • BSA, sodium-azide, and glycerol free for consistent conjugation
  • Convenient: can be reconstituted in distilled water for the next steps
  • Wide range to select from
    • Over 13,000+ carrier-free antibodies against 2800+ targets
    • Includes KO Validated and Mono-specific (ChiP-validated) antibodies
  • Application validated: ICC, IHC, WB, IF, FC
  • Compatible with a variety of labels, including fluorophores, metals, enzymes, and oligonucleotides

Application Areas

OriGene carrier-free antibodies are ready-to-use for various technologies that use conjugated antibodies as the core building element:

  • Fluorophore Conjugation: It has been widely used in many applications including fluorescence microscopy and flow cytometry. OriGene provides custom antibody conjugation services for various fluorophores and a conjugation kit for RPE.
  • Enzyme Conjugation: HRP or AP conjugated antibodies are used in applications like IHC, ELISA, or Western blot. OriGene provides HRP conjugation kit and custom services for this purpose.
  • Biotin Conjugation: The strong affinity of biotin-avidin is introduced in the downstream applications of the biotin-conjugated antibodies, which has been commonly used for the detection enhancement in Western blot, ELISA, or fluorescent microscopy. OriGene provides Biotin conjugation kit and custom service for antibody conjugation service.
  • Oligonucleotide Conjugation: Multiplex IHCs using cyclic detection protocols conjugate a panel of antibodies with different coding oligonucleotides to obtain cellular spatial profiling data.
  • Heavy Metal Conjugation: The combined technology of flow-cytometry and time-of-flight mass spectrometry (CyTOF) or Mass spectrometry imaging (MSI) uses heavy-metals and metal-chelating polymers to conjugate antibodies to resolve single-cell proteomics.

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