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Tec (Rat) - 3 unique 27mer siRNA duplexes - 2 nmol each

Purity HPLC purified
Number of Transfections Approximately 330 transfections/2nmol in 24-well plate under optimized conditions (final conc. 10 nM).

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Tec - Rat, 4 unique 29mer shRNA constructs in lentiviral GFP vector

Format Lentiviral plasmids
Vector pGFP-C-shLenti
E. coli Selection Chloramphenicol
Mammalian Cell Selection Puromycin

Tec - Rat shRNA lentiviral particles (4 unique 29mer target-specific shRNA, 1 scramble control), 0.5 ml each, >10^7 TU/ml.

Format Lentiviral particles
Vector pGFP-C-shLenti

Tec - Rat, 4 unique 29mer shRNA constructs in retroviral untagged vector

Format Retroviral plasmids
Vector pRS
E. coli Selection Ampicillin
Mammalian Cell Selection Puromycin