Chicken IgG / Chicken IgY (H+L chain) goat polyclonal antibody, HRP

Applications Sandwich ELISA: 1/120,000 dilution of antibody was found to generate an O.D of 1.0 in a 15 minute reaction with Tetramethyl Benzidine as the substrate.
Western blot (1/5000).
Reactivities Chicken
Conjugation HRP

Human IgA (secretory) sheep polyclonal antibody, Serum

Applications Precipitation.
Can be used in precipitating as Immunoelectrophoresis and Radial Immunodiffusion to identify the presence of IgA in Human serum, milk or other body fluids or to determine its concentration. To prepare an immunoadsorbent for the purification of Human IgA from serum or exocrine secretions. Antisera to IgA do not discriminate between serum IgA (monomeric and dimeric) and higher molecular forms as secretory IgA.
This antiserum is not intended for use in non-precipitating antibody-binding or other highly sensitive assays. This does not exclude such use if proper controls are include.
Recommended Dilutions:
Immunoelectrophoresis: Use 2 µl or equivalent against 120 µl antiserum.
Double Radial Immunodiffusion: Use a rosette arrangement with 10 µl antiserum in a 3 mm diameter centre well and 2 µl serum samples (neat and diluted) in 2 mm diameter peripheral wells.
Antibody Titre: Precipitin titre not less than 1/64 when tested against pooled normal human serum in agar-block immunodiffusion titration.
Reactivities Human