pLenti-C-mCFP-P2A-BSD Tagged Cloning Vector

CAT#: PS100107

pLenti-C-mCFP-P2A-BSD, Lenti vector with C-terminal mCFP tag and P2A-BSD, 10 ug

USD 732

2 Weeks

    • 10 ug

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Product Data
C-Tag mCFP
E. coli Selection Chloramphenicol
Cell Selection Blasticidin

This Lenti vector is a third generation lentiviral vector.

  • All OriGene's TrueORF clones can be shuttled into this vector via PrecisionShuttling, a simple cut-and-ligation process.
  • The ORF cloned in this vector can be expressed as a tagged protein with c-terminal mCFP tag.
  • P2A-BSD is within the Lentiviral packaging cassette and would allow blasticidin selection in both the transfected and the transduced cells.
  • A brief lentiviral packaging protocol is provided.
  • E. Coli. selection: Chloramphemicol (34 ug/ml)
  • Download full vector sequence
Schematic of the multiple cloning sites
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