pCMV6-AN-FC-S Tagged Cloning Vector

CAT#: PS100056

pCMV6-AN-FC-S, mammalian vector with N-terminal FC and secretion signal, 10ug

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N-Tag FC
E. coli Selection Ampicillin
Cell Selection Neomycin
  • ORFs cloned in this vector will be expressed in mammalian cells as a secreted tagged protein with an N-terminal murine Fc tag. Due to the presence of an N-terminal secretion signal sequence, the fusion protein will be secreted and this facilitates the downstream purification.
  • The Fc-tag encodes the CH2 and CH3 domains of the mouse IgG heavy chain and the hinge region. A fusion protein is comprised of two relatively independent parts connected with a flexible spacer. Fc fusion provides several advantages in protein applications:
    1. Easy purification using protein A or protein G affinity chromatography.
    2. Increased solubility.
    3. Excellent antigen in mouse mAB production without cleavage, as the murine Fc is not antigenic in mice.
  • If the N-terminal tagging interferes with the protein’s function, you can choose the C-terminal Fc-tagging vector, PS100054.
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Schematic of the multiple cloning sites
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