pCMV6-AN-mBFP Tagged Cloning Vector

CAT#: PS100051

pCMV6-AN-mBFP, mammalian vector with N-terminal mBFP , 10ug

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    • 10 ug

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N-Tag mBFP
E. coli Selection Ampicillin
Cell Selection Neomycin
  • ORFs cloned in this vector will be expressed in mammalian cells as a tagged protein with an N-terminal mBFP (monomeric) tag.
  • mBFP (scientific name mTagBFP) is a monomeric blue fluorescent protein. mBFP possesses bright blue fluorescence with excitation/emission maxima at 402 and 457 nm, characterized by high photostability and extremely high pH-stability.
    Compared to EBFP2, mBFP is more than 1.8 times brighter, much more pH-stable and has twice shorter maturation half-time at 37°C. Narrow fluorescence emission peak of mBFP provides for accurate and easy spectral separation with cyan and green fluorescent proteins and makes it a preferable tag for multicolor labeling.
    Good overlap between the emission spectrum of mBFP and the absorbance spectra of mGFP allows using these two proteins as a FRET pair.
  • If the N-terminal tagging interferes with the protein’s function, you can choose the C-terminal mBFP-tagging vector, PS100043.
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Schematic of the multiple cloning sites
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