pCMV6-A-EM7-BSD Tagged Cloning Vector

CAT#: PS100023

pCMV6-A-EM7-BSD, mammalian vector with blasticidin as mammalian and E. Coli selection marker, 10ug

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E. coli Selection Ampicillin/Blasticidin
Cell Selection Blasticidin
  • This vector is essentially the same as the pCMV6-Entry vector, except for the alternative selection marker (Blasticidin instead of Neomycin).
  • The EM7 promoter allows blasticidin selection in E.coli.
  • The vector itself does not contain additional tag. If the insert is shuttled from pCMV6-Entry via SgfI/AscI and RsrII/MluI, it will express non-tagged protein. If the insert is shuttled from the pCMV6-Entry vector using SgfI/AscI and Pme I, then it will express Myc-DDK tagged protein.
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Schematic of the multiple cloning sites
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