pCMV6-AC-mGFP Mammalian Expression Vector

CAT#: PS100040

pCMV6-AC-mGFP, mammalian vector with C-terminal mGFP, 10ug

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    • 10 ug

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Product Data
C-Tag mGFP
E. coli Selection Ampicillin (100 ug/mL)
Mammalian Cell Selection Neomycin
  • ORFs cloned in this vector will be expressed in mammalian cells as a tagged protein with a C-terminal mGFP (monomeric) tag.
  • mGFP (scientific name mTagGFP) is the improved variant of tagGFP, the mutant of the Aequorea macrodactyla GFP-like protein. mGFP possesses bright green fluorescence with excitation/emission maxima at 483 and 506 nm, respectively.
    Compared to EGFP, mGFP provides about the same brightness of fluorescence but is significantly more pH stable. mGFP is specially optimized for expression at 37°C.
    Because of monomeric nature, mGFP is mainly intended for protein localization studies and expression in long-term cell cultures. In FRET applications, mGFP can be used as a donor for red fluorescent protein mRFP or as an acceptor for blue fluorescent protein mBFP.
  • If the C-terminal tagging interferes with the protein’s function, you can choose the N-terminal mGFP-tagging vector, PS100048.
  • V2_F Primer can be used to sequence the target sequence after cloning.
  • mGFP_R Primer can be used to sequence the target sequence after cloning.
Download Vector Sequence
Schematic of the multiple cloning sites

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