Dnajb9 Mouse siRNA Oligo Duplex (Locus ID 27362)

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Dnajb9 (Mouse) - 3 unique 27mer siRNA duplexes - 2 nmol each

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    • 2 nmol

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Product Data
Purity HPLC purified
Quality Control Tested by ESI-MS
Sequences Available with shipment
Stability One year from date of shipment when stored at -20°C.
Number of Transfections Approximately 330 transfections/2nmol in 24-well plate under optimized conditions (final conc. 10 nM).
Note Single siRNA duplex (10nmol) can be ordered.
Reference Data
RefSeq NM_013760
UniProt ID Q9QYI6
Synonyms AA408011; AA673251; AA673481; AW556981; ERdj4; Mdg1; mDj7
Components Dnajb9 (Mouse) - 3 unique 27mer siRNA duplexes - 2 nmol each (Locus ID 27362)
Included - SR30004, Trilencer-27 Universal Scrambled Negative Control siRNA Duplex - 2 nmol
Included - SR30005, RNAse free siRNA Duplex Resuspension Buffer - 2 ml
Summary Co-chaperone for Hsp70 protein HSPA5/BiP that acts as a key repressor of the ERN1/IRE1-mediated unfolded protein response (UPR) (By similarity). J domain-containing co-chaperones stimulate the ATPase activity of Hsp70 proteins and are required for efficient substrate recognition by Hsp70 proteins (PubMed:11836248). In the unstressed endoplasmic reticulum, interacts with the luminal region of ERN1/IRE1 and selectively recruits HSPA5/BiP: HSPA5/BiP disrupts the dimerization of the active ERN1/IRE1 luminal region, thereby inactivating ERN1/IRE1 (By similarity). Also involved in endoplasmic reticulum-associated degradation (ERAD) of misfolded proteins (PubMed:22267725). Required for survival of B-cell progenitors and normal antibody production (PubMed:25222125).[UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot Function]
Performance Guranteed OriGene guarantees that at least two of the three Dicer-Substrate duplexes in the kit will provide at least 70% or more knockdown of the target mRNA when used at 10 nM concentration by quantitative RT-PCR when the TYE-563 fluorescent transfection control duplex (cat# SR30002) indicates that >90% of the cells have been transfected and the HPRT positive control (cat# SR30003) provides 90% knockdown efficiency.

For non-conforming siRNA, requests for replacement product must be made within ninety (90) days from the date of delivery of the siRNA kit. To arrange for a free replacement with newly designed duplexes, please contact Technical Services at techsupport@origene.com. Please provide your data indicating the transfection efficiency and measurement of gene expression knockdown compared to the scrambled siRNA control (quantitative RT-PCR data required).
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