Clec4e Mouse siRNA Oligo Duplex (Locus ID 56619)

CAT#: SR405665

Clec4e (Mouse) - 3 unique 27mer siRNA duplexes - 2 nmol each

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Product Data
Purity HPLC purified
Quality Control Tested by ESI-MS
Sequences Available with shipment
Components Clec4e (Mouse) - 3 unique 27mer siRNA duplexes - 2 nmol each (Locus ID 56619)
Included - SR30004, Trilencer-27 Universal Scrambled Negative Control siRNA Duplex - 2 nmol
Included - SR30005, RNAse free siRNA Duplex Resuspension Buffer - 2 ml
Stability One year from date of shipment when stored at -20°C.
Number of Transfections Approximately 330 transfections/2nmol in 24-well plate under optimized conditions (final conc. 10 nM).
Note Single siRNA duplex (10nmol) can be ordered.
Reference Data
RefSeq NM_019948
UniProt ID Q9R0Q8
Synonyms C86253; Clecsf9; Mincle
Summary A calcium-dependent lectin that acts as a pattern recognition receptor of the innate immune system. Recognizes damage-associated molecular patterns (DAMPs) of abnormal self and pathogen-associated molecular patterns (PAMPs) of bacteria and fungi (PubMed:18509109, PubMed:19171887, PubMed:23602766, PubMed:18776906). The PAMPs notably include mycobacterial trehalose 6,6'-dimycolate (TDM), a cell wall glycolipid with potent adjuvant immunomodulatory functions (PubMed:23602766). Interacts with signaling adapter Fc receptor gamma chain/FCER1G to form a functional complex in myeloid cells (PubMed:23602766, PubMed:18776906). Binding of mycobacterial trehalose 6,6'-dimycolate (TDM) to this receptor complex leads to phosphorylation of the immunoreceptor tyrosine-based activation motif (ITAM) of FCER1G, triggering activation of SYK, CARD9 and NF-kappa-B, consequently driving maturation of antigen-presenting cells and shaping antigen-specific priming of T-cells toward effector T-helper 1 and T-helper 17 cell subtypes (PubMed:23602766). Specifically recognizes alpha-mannose residues on pathogenic fungi of the genus Malassezia and mediates macrophage activation (PubMed:19171887). Through recognition of DAMPs released upon nonhomeostatic cell death, enables immune sensing of damaged self and promotes inflammatory cell infiltration into the damaged tissue (PubMed:18776906).[UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot Function]
Performance Guaranteed OriGene guarantees that at least two of the three Dicer-Substrate duplexes in the kit will provide at least 70% or more knockdown of the target mRNA when used at 10 nM concentration by quantitative RT-PCR when the TYE-563 fluorescent transfection control duplex (cat# SR30002) indicates that >90% of the cells have been transfected and the HPRT positive control (cat# SR30003) provides 90% knockdown efficiency.

For non-conforming siRNA, requests for replacement product must be made within ninety (90) days from the date of delivery of the siRNA kit. To arrange for a free replacement with newly designed duplexes, please contact Technical Services at Please provide your data indicating the transfection efficiency and measurement of gene expression knockdown compared to the scrambled siRNA control (quantitative RT-PCR data required).

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