Dpp4 Mouse shRNA Lentiviral Particle (Locus ID 13482)

CAT#: TL500553V

Dpp4 - Mouse shRNA lentiviral particles (4 unique 29mer target-specific shRNA, 1 scramble control), 0.5 ml each, >10^7 TU/ml.

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USD 1,550.00

2 Weeks

    • 0.5 ml each

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Product Data
Product Name Dpp4 Mouse shRNA Lentiviral Particle (Locus ID 13482)
Locus ID 13482
Synonyms Cd26; Dpp-4; THAM
Vector pGFP-C-shLenti
Antibiotic Selection Chloramphenicol
Format Lentiviral particles
RefSeq BC022183, NM_001159543, NM_010074
shRNA Design These shRNA constructs were designed against multiple splice variants at this gene locus. To be certain that your variant of interest is targeted, align it with our published shRNA design sequences. If these do not align, please utilize our custom shRNA service
Performance Guaranteed OriGene guarantees that the sequences in the shRNA expression cassettes are verified to correspond to the target gene with 100% identity. One of the four constructs at minimum are guaranteed to produce 70% or more gene expression knock-down provided a minimum transfection efficiency of 80% is achieved. Western Blot data is recommended over qPCR to evaluate the silencing effect of the shRNA constructs 72 hrs post transfection. To properly assess knockdown, the gene expression level from the included scramble control vector must be used in comparison with the target-specific shRNA transfected samples.

For non-conforming shRNA, requests for replacement product must be made within ninety (90) days from the date of delivery of the shRNA kit. To arrange for a free replacement with newly designed constructs, please contact Technical Services at techsupport@origene.com. Please provide your data indicating the transfection efficiency and measurement of gene expression knockdown compared to the scrambled shRNA control (Western Blot data preferred).
*Delivery time may vary from web posted schedule. Occasional delays may occur due to unforeseen complexities in the preparation of your product. International customers may expect an additional 1-2 weeks in shipping.