SS-A / Ro

CAT#: AR00137PU-N

SS-A (RO) Antigen

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Product Data
Description SS-A (RO) Antigen
Species Cattle
Expression Host Other
Tag Tag Free
Concentration 0.199mg/ml
Purity Immuno-affinity chromatography. Purification is verified by SDS-PAGE. Other antigens are not detected with ELISA assays.
Buffer 0.01M Tris, 0.53M Sodium chloride containing 0.02% Sodium azide
Bioactivity One unit of activity is the amount of antigen that will generate an absorbance of 1.2 when assayed using standard procedure for enzyme immunoassay. Activity will vary with assay conditions/protocols.
Preparation Liquid purified
Reference Data
RefSeq NP_872596


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