MegaTran 2.0, plasmid DNA transfection reagent (1 mL)

CAT#: TT210003

MegaTran 2.0, plasmid DNA transfection reagent (1 mL), 660 rxns for 24-well plate

Size: 500 ul 1 ml 5 x 1 ml

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TT210003 is a replacement of TT200003 and TT200004.

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    • 1 ml

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Components One (1) Vial MegaTran 2.0 Transfection Reagent (1 mL)
Features » Superior transfection efficiency
» Broad cell spectrum
» Competitive pricing
Quality Control Each batch of MegaTran 2.0 Transfection Reagent has been tested using a standard transfection protocol.
Storage Upon receipt, please store the MegaTran 2.0 Transfection Reagent at 4°C.
Stability The transfection reagent is stable for one (1) year from date of shipping when stored properly.


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