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Human CB1 Cannabinoid Receptor Stable cell Line - CHO-K1

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Description Human CB1 Cannabinoid Receptor Stable cell Line - CHO-K1
Gene CNR1
Accn NM_016083
Synonyms CANN6; CB-R; CB1; CB1A; CB1K5; CB1R; CNR
Host Cell CHO-K1
Format Cryopreserved cells, 6 x 10E6 cells/vial
Mycoplasma Negative by MycoAlert Kit, Lonza
Cell Line Validation Function assay
Background The CB1 cannabinoid receptor is expressed primarily in the brain and is a target for cannabinoids (Matsuda et al., 1990, Gerard et al., 1991), the psychoactive ingredients of marijuana. When it is activated, the CB1 receptor inhibits adenylate cyclase through Gi protein. The CB1 receptors play a significant role in modulation of food intake.
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