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Human Ghrelin Receptor GHSR Stable cell Line - CHO-K1

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Description Human Ghrelin Receptor GHSR Stable cell Line - CHO-K1
Accn NM_198407
Synonyms GHDP; GHDP
Host Cell CHO-K1
Format Cryopreserved cells, 6 x 10E6 cells/vial
Mycoplasma Negative by MycoAlert Kit, Lonza
Cell Line Validation Function assay
Background The growth hormone secretagagogue receptor (GHSR), also known as GHSR subtype 1a (GHSR1a), is a Gq/11 protein-coupled receptor that is widely expressed in peripheral tissues and various regions of the brain such as the pituitary gland, hypothalamus, thalamus, cortex, and hippocampus. GHSR plays a critical role in maintaining energy balance and neuronal health and is a characterized therapeutic target for obesity and metabolic syndrome.
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