AAV2-CMV-GFP Control Particle

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AAV2 with CMV promoter-driven expression of GFP, >10^13 GC/mL, 100ul

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    • 100 ul

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Product Data
Reporter GFP
Promoter CMV
Serotype AAV-2
Purification Method Iodixanol
Storage Buffer PBS with 0.001% Pluronic F68
Validation To validate the quality of our AAV control particles, we have developed the following procedure:
  1. AAV genome titer is determined by qPCR.
  2. AAV purity is determined by Silver staining.
  3. AAV transduction efficiency is analyzed by in vitro transduction in HEK293T.
Stability AAV is stable for 1 year when stored at -80°C (long-term storage) or 2-3 weeks when stored at -20°C (short-term storage). Thaw the vial of AAV on ice prior to use and keep it on ice during the experiment. Thawed AAV can be stored at 4°C for 1-2 weeks. Whenever possible, vectors should be aliquoted into single use portions to avoid repeated freeze/thaw cycles. Please aliquot at least 10ul per tube and use low protein binding tubes to avoid loss of virus.


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