Ppp2r2b Mouse qPCR Template Standard (NM_028392)

CAT#: MK201421

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qPCR primer pairs and template standards against Mus musculus gene Ppp2r2b

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Application Plasmid of exact quantity for transcript copy number calculation
Accession No NM_028392
Synonyms 2900026H06Rik; 6330404L05Rik; E130009M08Rik; PP2A-PR55B; PR55-BETA; SCA12
Components 1 vial of lyophilized SybGREEN qPCR primer mix (1 nmol each primer, sufficient for 200 reactions)
1 vial lyophilized Gene Specific qPCR template standard: 50 X 10^7 copies, double-stranded DNA
1 vial containing 1 mL 10x PCR template standard dilution buffer
Quality Control The kit has been tested to generate satisfactory qPCR data on ABI 7900HT
Storage & Stability The primer mix and template standard are stable for one year from date of shipping. Store at -20°C.
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