PLEKHM2 Human Gene Knockout Kit (CRISPR)

CAT#: KN220299

PLEKHM2 - human gene knockout kit via CRISPR

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Product Data
Symbol PLEKHM2
Locus ID 23207
Kit Components

KN220299G1, PLEKHM2 gRNA vector 1 in pCas-Guide vector,

KN220299G2, PLEKHM2 gRNA vector 2 in pCas-Guide vector,

KN220299-D, donor vector containing Left and right homologous arms and GFP-puro functional cassette.

GE100003, scramble sequence in pCas-Guide vector

Disclaimer The kit is designed based on the best knowledge of CRISPR technology. The system has been functionally validated for knocking-in the cassette downstream the native promoter. The efficiency of the knock-out varies due to the nature of the biology and the complexity of the experimental process.
Reference Data
RefSeq BC008002, NM_015164, XM_005245790, XM_005245791, XM_017000757, XM_017000758, XM_048877, XM_290944, XM_938581
Synonyms KIAA0842; RP11-169K16.1; SKIP; SifA (Salmonella-induced filaments A) and kinesin-interacting protein; novel RUN and PH domain-containing protein; pleckstrin homology domain containing, family M (with RUN domain) member 2
Summary This gene encodes a protein that binds the plus-end directed microtubule motor protein kinesin, together with the lysosomal GTPase Arl8, and is required for lysosomes to distribute away from the microtubule-organizing center. The encoded protein belongs to the multisubunit BLOC-one-related complex that regulates lysosome positioning. It binds a Salmonella effector protein called Salmonella induced filament A and is a critical host determinant in Salmonella pathogenesis. It has a domain architecture consisting of an N-terminal RPIP8, UNC-14, and NESCA (RUN) domain that binds kinesin-1 as well as the lysosomal GTPase Arl8, and a C-terminal pleckstrin homology domain that binds the Salmonella induced filament A effector protein. Naturally occurring mutations in this gene lead to abnormal localization of lysosomes, impaired autophagy flux and are associated with recessive dilated cardiomyopathy and left ventricular noncompaction. [provided by RefSeq, Feb 2017]
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