CEP104 (NM_014704) Human Tagged ORF Clone Lentiviral Particle

CAT#: RC212710L4V

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Lenti ORF particles, CEP104 (mGFP-tagged) - Human centrosomal protein 104kDa (CEP104), 200ul, >10^7 TU/mL

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Product Data
Type Human Tagged ORF Clone Lentiviral Particle
Tag mGFP
Symbol CEP104
Synonyms CFAP256; GlyBP; JBTS25; KIAA0562; ROC22
Mammalian Cell Selection Puromycin
Vector pLenti-C-mGFP-P2A-Puro
ACCN NM_014704
ORF Size 2775 bp
Sequence Data
The ORF insert of this clone is exactly the same as(RC212710).
OTI Disclaimer The molecular sequence of this clone aligns with the gene accession number as a point of reference only. However, individual transcript sequences of the same gene can differ through naturally occurring variations (e.g. polymorphisms), each with its own valid existence. This clone is substantially in agreement with the reference, but a complete review of all prevailing variants is recommended prior to use. More info
OTI Annotation This clone was engineered to express the complete ORF with an expression tag. Expression varies depending on the nature of the gene.
Reference Data
RefSeq NM_014704.1, NP_055519.1
RefSeq Size 5848 bp
RefSeq ORF 2778 bp
Locus ID 9731
UniProt ID O60308
Cytogenetics 1p36.32
MW 104.3 kDa
Gene Summary This gene encodes a centrosomal protein required for ciliogenesis and for ciliary tip structural integrity. The mammalian protein contains three amino-terminal hydrophobic domains, two glycosylation sites, four cysteine-rich motifs, and two regions with homology to the glutamate receptor ionotropic, NMDA 1 protein. During ciliogenesis, the encoded protein translocates from the distal tips of the centrioles to the tip of the elongating cilium. Knockdown of the protein in human retinal pigment cells results in severe defects in ciliogenesis with structural deformities at the ciliary tips. Allelic variants of this gene are associated with the autosomal-recessive disorder Joubert syndrome, which is characterized by a distinctive mid-hindbrain and cerebellar malformation, oculomotor apraxia, irregular breathing, developmental delay, and ataxia. [provided by RefSeq, Feb 2016]
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