Samhd1 (NM_001139520) Mouse Tagged ORF Clone Lentiviral Particle

CAT#: MR218382L3V

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Lenti ORF particles, Samhd1 (Myc-DDK-tagged) - Mouse SAM domain and HD domain, 1 (Samhd1), transcript variant 2, 200ul, >10^7 TU/mL

ORF Plasmid: DDK tGFP

Lentiviral Particles: DDK w/ Puro mGFP w/ Puro

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USD 1,216.00

5 Weeks*

    • 200 ul

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Product Data
Type Mouse Tagged ORF Clone Lentiviral Particle
Tag Myc-DDK
Symbol Samhd1
Synonyms E330031J07Rik; Mg11
Mammalian Cell Selection Puromycin
Vector pLenti-C-Myc-DDK-P2A-Puro
ACCN NM_001139520
ORF Size 1953 bp
Sequence Data
The ORF insert of this clone is exactly the same as(MR218382).
OTI Disclaimer The molecular sequence of this clone aligns with the gene accession number as a point of reference only. However, individual transcript sequences of the same gene can differ through naturally occurring variations (e.g. polymorphisms), each with its own valid existence. This clone is substantially in agreement with the reference, but a complete review of all prevailing variants is recommended prior to use. More info
OTI Annotation This clone was engineered to express the complete ORF with an expression tag. Expression varies depending on the nature of the gene.
Reference Data
RefSeq NM_001139520.1, NP_001132992.1
RefSeq Size 4010 bp
RefSeq ORF 1956 bp
Locus ID 56045
UniProt ID Q60710
Cytogenetics 2 H1
Gene Summary Isoform 1: Protein that acts both as a host restriction factor involved in defense response to virus and as a regulator of DNA end resection at stalled replication forks (By similarity). Has deoxynucleoside triphosphate (dNTPase) activity, which is required to restrict infection by viruses: dNTPase activity reduces cellular dNTP levels to levels too low for retroviral reverse transcription to occur, blocking early-stage virus replication in dendritic and other myeloid cells (PubMed:23972988, PubMed:23872947, PubMed:26667483, PubMed:29379009). Likewise, suppresses LINE-1 retrotransposon activity (PubMed:26667483). In addition to virus restriction, dNTPase activity acts as a regulator of DNA precursor pools by regulating dNTP pools (By similarity). Phosphorylation at Thr-634 acts as a switch to control dNTPase-dependent and -independent functions: it inhibits dNTPase activity and ability to restrict infection by viruses, while it promotes DNA end resection at stalled replication forks (By similarity). Functions during S phase at stalled DNA replication forks to promote the resection of gapped or reversed forks: acts by stimulating the exonuclease activity of MRE11, activating the ATR-CHK1 pathway and allowing the forks to restart replication (By similarity). Its ability to promote degradation of nascent DNA at stalled replication forks is required to prevent induction of type I interferons, thereby preventing chronic inflammation (By similarity). Ability to promote DNA end resection at stalled replication forks is independent of dNTPase activity (By similarity). Enhances immunoglobulin hypermutation in B-lymphocytes by promoting transversion mutation (PubMed:29669924).[UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot Function]

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