C8g (NM_027062) Mouse Tagged ORF Clone

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Lenti ORF clone of C8g (mGFP-tagged) - Mouse complement component 8, gamma polypeptide (C8g)

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Product Data
Product Name C8g (NM_027062) Mouse Tagged ORF Clone
Type Mouse Tagged ORF Clone
Tag mGFP
Symbol C8g
Synonyms 1700013L23Rik; RP23-47P18.13
Vector pLenti-C-mGFP-P2A-Puro
E. coli Selection Chloramphenicol (34 ug/mL)
Cell Selection Puromycin
Sequence Data
The ORF insert of this clone is exactly the same as(MR202091).
Restriction Sites SgfI-MluI      Cloning Scheme for this gene     
Tag mGFP
ACCN NM_027062
ORF Size 609 bp
OTI Disclaimer The molecular sequence of this clone aligns with the gene accession number as a point of reference only. However, individual transcript sequences of the same gene can differ through naturally occurring variations (e.g. polymorphisms), each with its own valid existence. This clone is substantially in agreement with the reference, but a complete review of all prevailing variants is recommended prior to use. More info
OTI Annotation This clone was engineered to express the complete ORF with an expression tag. Expression varies depending on the nature of the gene.
Product Components The ORF clone is ion-exchange column purified, transfection-ready dried plasmid DNA, and shipped with 2 vector sequencing primers.
Reference Data
RefSeq NM_027062.1, NP_081338.1
RefSeq Size 1044
RefSeq ORF 609
Locus ID 69379
Cytogenetics 2 17.31 cM
Gene Summary This gene encodes a secreted protein that is a core component of the complement 8 (C8) complex. C8 is part of the membrane attack complex which participates in the innate immune response against bacterial pathogens. Alternatively spliced transcript variants encoding multiple isoforms have been observed for this gene. [provided by RefSeq, Nov 2012]

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