VMAT2(SLC18A2) Mouse Monoclonal Antibody [Clone ID: OTI9E11]

CAT#: TA500506

anti-SLC18A2 (VMAT2) mouse monoclonal antibody, clone OTI9E11 (formerly 9E11)

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Product Data
Clone Name OTI9E11
Applications WB, IHC, IF, FC
Recommend Dilution WB 1:2000, IHC 1:50, IF 1:100, FLOW 1:100,
Reactivity Human
Host Mouse
Clonality Monoclonal
Immunogen Full-length protein expressed in 293T cell transfected with human SLC18A2 expression vector .
Isotype IgG1
Formulation PBS (pH 7.3) containing 1% BSA, 50% glycerol and 0.02% sodium azide.
Concentration 1 mg/ml
Purification Purified from mouse ascites fluids by affinity chromatography
Predicted Protein Size 55.7 kDa
Gene Name solute carrier family 18 member A2
Background The vesicular monoamine transporter acts to accumulate cytosolic monoamines into synaptic vesicles, using the proton gradient maintained across the synaptic vesicular membrane. Its proper function is essential to the correct activity of the monoaminergic systems that have been implicated in several human neuropsychiatric disorders. The transporter is a site of action of important drugs,including reserpine and tetrabenazine.
Reference Data
Protein Families Transmembrane
Protein Pathways Parkinson's disease
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