Cd8a Rat Monoclonal Antibody [Clone ID: 53-6.7]

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Cd8a rat monoclonal antibody, clone 53-6.7, FITC

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Clone Name 53-6.7
Applications FC, IHC, IP
Recommended Dilution Flow Cytometry: < / = 2 µg/10e6 cells. (Ref.8,9)
Immunohistochemistry (Acetone-Fixed Frozen Sections) (See Ref. 10)
Immunoprecipitation. (Ref.8)
Reactivities Mouse
Host Rat
Isotype IgG2a
Clonality Monoclonal
Specificity This antibody recognises the alpha chain of the Murine CD8 hetrerodimer (Mr. 32-34 kDa).
In vivo and in vitro treatment with the 53-6.7 monoclonal antibody effectively depletes CD8a+ cells. The 53-6.7 monoclonal antibody also blocks allogeneic help specific for class I MHC antigens and T cell responses to IL-2. (Ref. 1-8)
Formulation PBS containing 0.09% Sodium Azide as preservative.
Label: FITC
State: Liquid purified Ig fraction
Label: Fluorescein Isothiocyanate Isomer 1
Concentration lot specific
Conjugation FITC
Storage Store the antibody undiluted at 2-8°C.
This product is photosensitive and should be protected from light.
Stability Shelf life: one year from despatch.
Background In the mouse, CD8 exists in two forms: (i) a CD8 heterodimer composed of an alpha chain (CD8a/Lyt-2) and a beta chain (CD8b/Lyt-3); and (ii) a homodimer of two alpha chains. The heterodimer is found on the surface of essentially all thymocytes and the ''suppressor/cytotoxic'' subpopulation of mature T lymphocytes. Subsets of intestinal intraepithelial lymphocytes express CD8a without CD8b. It has been suggested that CD8+b- T cells mature extrathymically, while development of the CD8a+b+ population of T cells is thymus-dependent. CD8 acts as a coreceptor with MHC Class I-restricted T cell receptors in antigen recognition and positive selection of MHC class I-restricted CD8+ T cells.
Synonyms CD8 alpha chain, CD8A, MAL
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