Welcome to OriGene’s Test Your COVID-19 IQ Challenge Series Part One

Jul 01, 2020

COVID-19 - Accelerate Your Research to Find a Cure

We have been bombarded with information on COVID19 from the beginning of this year after the first case of COVID19 was diagnosed. I tried to keep up but with 6000+ papers published in the first two months that was hard. Then one day a 2nd grader asked a simple question ‘What is COVID19’? I tried to explain the disease, symptoms and causes but failed to come up with a simple answer. As always, I Googled it and found the exact answer. It made me wonder how many people knew this answer. So I asked the question to my readers as a part of my first COVID19 IQ test challenge.

Here are a series of challenges on various topics related to COVID-19 pandemic! Have fun!

  1. Test Your COVID19 IQ Challenge – Part 1.

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  2. Test your COVID19 IQ- Role of Cytokines