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GeneDex - A Technical Journal
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OriGene cDNA clone collection in recent publications
WDFY1 mediates TLR3/4 signaling by recruiting TRIF EMBO Rep. Apr 2015 [10,000 clones]

A Protease-independent Function for SPPL3 in NFAT Activation Mol. Cell. Biol. Nov 2014 [CloneSet]

The ER-Associated Protein ZDHHC1 Is a Positive Regulator of DNA Virus-Triggered, MITA/STING-Dependent Innate Immune Signaling Cell Host Microbe Oct 2014 [10,000 clones]

The nuclear receptor NR2E1/TLX controls senescence Oncogene Oct 2014 [Transcription factor clones]

GeneDex - A Technical Newsletter

Volume 3: Issue 4:Antibody validation with VERIFY Antigen™ Standards

Volume 3: Issue 3:GFC-transfection Array and MegaTran

Volume 3: Issue 2:ExactORF

Volume 3: Issue 1: Precision Shuttle and TrueORF

Volume 2: Issue 4: Transfection and validation of microarray results

Volume 2: Issue 3: shRNA Validation

Volume 2: Issue 2: TissueScan cDNA Panels

Volume 2: Issue 1: shRNA and shRNA vectors

Volume 1: Issue 1: cDNA clones and cDNA cloning

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