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Literature Citations for OriGene clone representing NM_002755

MEK1 promotes YAP and their interaction is critical for tumorigenesis in liver cancer, Li, L;Wang, J;Zhang, Y;Zhang, Y;Ma, L;Weng, W;Qiao, Y;Xiao, W;Wang, H;Yu, W;Pan, Q;He, Y;Sun, F;, FEBS Lett. Nov 2013

Identification of the MEK1(F129L) Activating Mutation as a Potential Mechanism of Acquired Resistance to MEK Inhibition in Human Cancers Carrying the B-RafV600E Mutation, Huisheng Wang, Sherif Daouti, Wen-hui Li, Yang Wen, Christine Rizzo, Brian Higgins, Kathryn Packman, Neal Rosen, John F. Boylan, David Heimbrook, and Huifeng Niu, Cancer Res., Aug 2011; 71: 5535 - 5545.