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Literature Citations for OriGene clone representing NM_000610

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CD44 Proteolysis Increases CREB Phosphorylation and Sustains Proliferation of Thyroid Cancer Cells , Valentina De Falco, Anna Tamburrino, Simona Ventre, Maria Domenica Castellone, Mouhannad Malek, Serge N. Manié, and Massimo Santoro, Cancer Res., Mar 2012; 72: 1449 - 1458.

Anti-inflammatory protein TSG-6 secreted by activated MSCs attenuates zymosan-induced mouse peritonitis by decreasing TLR2/NF-B signaling in resident macrophages, Hosoon Choi, Ryang Hwa Lee, Nikolay Bazhanov, Joo Youn Oh, and Darwin J. Prockop, Blood, Jul 2011; 118: 330 - 338.