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ORF Clones Citations

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?-H2AX is a sensitive marker of DNA damage induced by metabolically activated 4-(methylnitrosamino)-1-(3-pyridyl)-1-butanone, Ibuki, Y;Shikata, M;Toyooka, T;, Toxicol In Vitro Oct 2015 [CYP2A13 SKU# RC214289]

Die Rolle des Transkriptionsfaktors ZBTB16 bei der osteogenen Differenzierung dentaler Follikelzellen, Felthaus, OH;, Thesis Oct 2014 [ZBTB16 SKU# RC206745]

MicroRNA-122 affects cell aggressiveness and apoptosis by targeting PKM2 in human hepatocellular carcinoma, Xu, Q;Zhang, M;Tu, J;Pang, L;Cai, W;Liu, X;, Oncol. Rep. Oct 2015 [PKM2 SKU# RC201855]

A coding variant in RARG confers susceptibility to anthracycline-induced cardiotoxicity in childhood cancer, Aminkeng, F;Bhavsar, AP;Visscher, H;Rassekh, SR;Li, Y;Lee, JW;Brunham, LR;Caron, HN;van Dalen, EC;Kremer, LC;van der Pal, HJ;Amstutz, U;Rieder, MJ;Bernstein, D;Carleton, BC;Hayden, MR;Ross, CJ;Canadian Pharmacogenomics Network for Drug Safety Consortium, ;, Nat. Genet. Sep 2015 [RARG SKU# RC210815]

The Effects of NDRG2 Overexpression on Cell Proliferation and Invasiveness of SW48 Colorectal Cancer Cell Line, Golestan, A;Mojtahedi, Z;Ghalamfarsa, G;, Iran J Med Sci Sep 2015 [NDRG2 SKU# RG219812]

17ß-Hydroxysteroid Dehydrogenase Type 2 Inhibition: Discovery of Selective and Metabolically Stable Compounds Inhibiting Both the Human Enzyme and Its Murine Ortholog, Gargano, EM;Allegretta, G;Perspicace, E;Carotti, A;Van Koppen, C;Frotscher, M;Marchais-Oberwinkler, S;Hartmann, RW;, PLoS ONE Aug 2015 [HSD17B1 SKU# MR222239]

Characterization of the human T cell response to in vitro CD27 costimulation with varlilumab, Ramakrishna, V;Sundarapandiyan, K;Zhao, B;, Journal for ImmunoTherapy of Cancer Aug 2015 [CD70 SKU# RC200410]

Crispld2 is required for neural crest cell migration and cell viability during zebrafish craniofacial development, Swindell, EC;Yuan, Q;Maili, LE;Tandon, B;Wagner, DS;Hecht, JT;, Genesis Aug 2015 [CRISPLD2 SKU# RC214912]

CYP3A5 mediates bioactivation and cytotoxicity of tetrandrine, Tian, Y;Shen, S;Jiang, Y;Shen, Q;Zeng, S;Zheng, J;, Arch. Toxicol. Aug 2015 [CYP3A5 SKU# RC207432]

Design and synthesis of novel indole-quinoxaline hybrids to target phosphodiesterase 4 (PDE4), Luther, BJ;Rani, CS;Suresh, N;Rao, MVB;, Arabian Journal of Chemistry Aug 2015 [PDE4B SKU# RC211956]

Epigenetic silencing of NDRG2 promotes colorectal cancer proliferation and invasion, Hong, SN;Kim, SJ;Kim, ER;Chang, DK;Kim, YH;, J. Gastroenterol. Hepatol. Aug 2015 [NDRG2 SKU# RC219812]

Human TYK2 deficiency: Mycobacterial and viral infections without hyper-IgE syndrome, Kreins, AY;Ciancanelli, MJ;Okada, S;Kong, XF;Ramírez-Alejo, N;Kilic, SS;El Baghdadi, J;Nonoyama, S;Mahdaviani, SA;Ailal, F;Bousfiha, A;Mansouri, D;Nievas, E;Ma, CS;Rao, G;Bernasconi, A;Sun Kuehn, H;Niemela, J;Stoddard, J;Deveau, P;Cobat, A;El Azbaoui, S;Sabri, A;Lim, CK;Sundin, M;Avery, DT;Halwani, R;Grant, AV;Boisson, B;Bogunovic, D;Itan, Y;Moncada-Velez, M;Martinez-Barricarte, R;Migaud, M;Deswarte, C;Alsina, L;Kotlarz, D;Klein, C;Muller-Fleckenstein, I;Fleckenstein, B;Cormier-Daire, V;Rose-John, S;Picard, C;Hammarstrom, L;Puel, A;Al-Muhsen, S;Abel, L;Chaussabel, D;Rosenzweig, SD;Minegishi, Y;Tangye, SG;Bustamante, J;Casanova, JL;Boisson-Dupuis, S;, J. Exp. Med. Aug 2015 [TYK2 SKU# RG204351]

Identification of Podocalyxin as a Candidate Gene in Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis, Shieh, E;, Thesis Aug 2015 [PODXL SKU# RC210816]

Imaging of Cell-Cell Communication in a Vertical Orientation Reveals High-Resolution Structure of Immunological Synapse and Novel PD-1 Dynamics, Jang, JH;Huang, Y;Zheng, P;Jo, MC;Bertolet, G;Zhu, MX;Qin, L;Liu, D;, J. Immunol. Aug 2015 [RPL17 SKU# RG201778]

Impact of CYP24A1 overexpression on growth of colorectal tumour xenografts in mice fed with vitamin D and soy, Höbaus, J;Tennakoon, S;Heffeter, P;Groeschel, C;Aggarwal, A;Hummel, DM;Thiem, U;Marculescu, R;Berger, W;Kállay, E;, Int. J. Cancer Aug 2015 [CYP24A1 SKU# RG213246]


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