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P21 Smad4-Irf6 genetic interaction and TGFß-mediated IRF6 signaling cascade are crucial for palatal fusion in mice, Jun-ichi Iwata, Akiko Suzuki, Richard C. Pelikan, Thach-Vu Ho, Pedro A. Sanchez-Lara, Mark Urata, Michael J. Dixon, and Yang Chai, Development, Mar 2013; 140: 1220 - 1230. RG201817

P2RX2 On the permeation of large organic cations through the pore of ATP-gated P2X receptors, Harkat, M;Peverini, L;Cerdan, AH;Dunning, K;Beudez, J;Martz, A;Calimet, N;Specht, A;Cecchini, M;Chataigneau, T;Grutter, T;, Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 2017 RG216207

P2RX2 Mutation of the ATP-gated P2X2 receptor leads to progressive hearing loss and increased susceptibility to noise, Denise Yan, Yan Zhu, Tom Walsh, Dinghua Xie, Huijun Yuan, Asli Sirmaci, Taro Fujikawa, Ann Chi Yan Wong, Tze L. Loh, Lilin Du, M’hamed Grati, Srdjan M. Vlajkovic, Susan Blanton, Allen F. Ryan, Zheng-Yi Chen, Peter R. Thorne, Bechara Kachar, Mustafa Tekin, Hong-Bo Zhao, Gary D. Housley, Mary-Claire King, and Xue Z. Liu, PNAS, Feb 2013; 110: 2228 - 2233. MG224157

P2RX7 Streptococcus pneumoniae disrupts pulmonary immune defence via elastase release following pneumolysin-dependent neutrophil lysis, Domon, H;Oda, M;Maekawa, T;Nagai, K;Takeda, W;Terao, Y;, Sci Rep 2016 RC222143

P53 Tumor Suppressor Protein p53 Negatively Regulates Human Pregnane X Receptor Activity, Ayesha Elias, Jing Wu, and Taosheng Chen, Mol. Pharmacol., Jun 2013; 83: 1229 - 1236. RC200003

P53-R175H Tumor Suppressor Protein p53 Negatively Regulates Human Pregnane X Receptor Activity, Ayesha Elias, Jing Wu, and Taosheng Chen, Mol. Pharmacol., Jun 2013; 83: 1229 - 1236. RC400040

P85B Alanine substitutions within a linker region of the influenza A virus non-structural protein 1 alter its subcellular localization and attenuate virus replication, Wei Li, James W. Noah, and Diana L. Noah, J. Gen. Virol., Aug 2011; 92: 1832 - 1842. RC209834

PABPC1 Antagonistic negative and positive neurons of the basolateral amygdala, Kim, J;Pignatelli, M;Xu, S;Itohara, S;Tonegawa, S;, Nat. Neurosci. 2016 MR209653

PABPC1 Interplay between Polyadenylate-Binding Protein 1 and Kaposi's Sarcoma-Associated Herpesvirus ORF57 in Accumulation of Polyadenylated Nuclear RNA, a Viral Long Noncoding RNA, Maria J. Massimelli, Vladimir Majerciak, Michael Kruhlak, and Zhi-Ming Zheng, J. Virol., Jan 2013; 87: 243 - 256. RC207354

PACS2 From the Cover: Feature Article: mTOR complex 2-Akt signaling at mitochondria-associated endoplasmic reticulum membranes (MAM) regulates mitochondrial physiology, Charles Betz, Daniele Stracka, Cristina Prescianotto-Baschong, Maud Frieden, Nicolas Demaurex, and Michael N. Hall, PNAS, Jul 2013; 110: 12526 - 12534. RC218762

PAD2 Myelin Basic Protein Citrullination, a Hallmark of Central Nervous System Demyelination, Assessed by Novel Monoclonal Antibodies in Prion Diseases, Jang, B;Jeon, YC;Shin, HY;Lee, YJ;Kim, H;Kondo, Y;Ishigami, A;Kim, YS;Choi, EK;, Mol. Neurobiol. 2017 TP323889

PAFAH2 Oxidatively Truncated Phospholipids Are Required Agents of Tumor Necrosis Factor a (TNFa)-induced Apoptosis, Calivarathan Latchoumycandane, Gopal K. Marathe, Renliang Zhang, and Thomas M. McIntyre, J. Biol. Chem., May 2012; 287: 17693 - 17705. RC200355

PAGE2B Untargeted screening for novel autoantibodies with prognostic value in first-episode psychosis, Zandian, A;Wingård, L;Nilsson, H;Sjöstedt, E;Johansson, DX;Just, D;Hellström, C;Uhlén, M;Schwenk, JM;Häggmark-Månberg, A;Norbeck, O;Owe-Larsson, B;Nilsson, P;Persson, MAA;, Transl Psychiatry 2017 RC220466

PAGE4 The Cancer/Testis Antigen PAGE4, a Regulator of c-Jun Transactivation, is Phosphorylated by Homeodomain-interacting Protein Kinase 1, a Component of the Stress-response Pathway, Mooney, SM;Qiu, RR;Kim, JJ;Sacho, EJ;Rajagopalan, K;Johng, D;Shiraishi, T;Kulkarni, P;Weninger, KR;, Biochemistry, Feb 2014. RC203059

PAK1 PAK1 Is a Novel Therapeutic Target in Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitor-Resistant Lung Adenocarcinoma Activated by the PI3K/AKT Signaling Regardless of EGFR Mutation, Wu, DW;Wu, TC;Chen, CY;Lee, H;, Clin. Cancer Res. 2016 RG225947

PAK1 PAK1 confers chemoresistance and poor outcome in non-small cell lung cancer via ß-catenin-mediated stemness, Chen, MJ;Wu, DW;Wang, YC;Chen, CY;Lee, H;, Sci Rep 2016 RC225947

PAK2 Activation Loop Phosphorylation of ERK3/ERK4 by Group I p21-activated Kinases (PAKs) Defines a Novel PAK-ERK3/4-MAPK-activated Protein Kinase 5 Signaling Pathway, Paul Déléris, Matthias Trost, Ivan Topisirovic, Pierre-Luc Tanguay, Katherine L. B. Borden, Pierre Thibault, and Sylvain Meloche, J. Biol. Chem., Feb 2011; 286: 6470 - 6478 MG208417

PAK4 A novel interaction of PAK4 with PPARγ to regulate Nox1 and radiation-induced epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition in glioma, Kesanakurti, D;Maddirela, D;Banasavadi-Siddegowda, YK;Lai, TH;Qamri, Z;Jacob, NK;Sampath, D;Mohanam, S;Kaur, B;Puduvalli, VK;, Oncogene 2017 RG202302

PALB2 Heterozygous PALB2 c.1592delT mutation channels DNA double-strand break repair into error-prone pathways in breast cancer patients, Obermeier, K;Sachsenweger, J;Friedl, TW;Pospiech, H;Winqvist, R;Wiesmüller, L;, Oncogene Dec 2015 RC208189

PAM Type 2 Diabetes Risk Alleles Reveal a Role for Peptidylglycine Alpha-amidating Monooxygenase in Beta Cell Function, Raimondo, A;Thomsen, SK;Hastoy, B;Umapathysivam, MM;Dai, X;Fox, JE;Barrett, A;Groves, CJ;Bautista, A;Beer, NL;Clark, A;MacDonald, PE;Rorsman, P;Gloyn, AL;, bioRxiv 2017 RC202074


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