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shRNA Citations

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XPA Downregulated XPA promotes carcinogenesis of bladder cancer via impairment of DNA repair, Zhi, Y;Ji, H;Pan, J;He, P;Zhou, X;Zhang, H;Zhou, Z;Chen, Z;, Tumour Biol 2017 TR308346

XPC The Xpc gene markedly affects cell survival in mouse bone marrow, Joshua L. Fischer, M.A. Suresh Kumar, Travis W. Day, Tabitha M. Hardy, Shari Hamilton, Cynthia Besch-Williford, Ahmad R. Safa, Karen E. Pollok, and Martin L. Smith, Mutagenesis, Jul 2009; 24: 309 - 316. TR308345

XRCC3 WRN controls formation of extrachromosomal telomeric circles and is required for TRF2B-mediated telomere shortening, Baomin Li, Sonali P. Jog, Sita Reddy, and Lucio Comai, Mol. Cell. Biol., Mar 2008; 28: 1892 - 1904. TR510156

XRCC5 Rad52 competes with Ku70/Ku86 for binding to S-region DSB ends to modulate antibody class-switch DNA recombination, Zan, H;Tat, C;Qiu, Z;Taylor, JR;Guerrero, JA;Shen, T;Casali, P;, Nat Commun 2017 TL502435

XRCC5 Dual Functions of the Homeoprotein DLX4 in Modulating Responsiveness of Tumor Cells to Topoisomerase II-Targeting Drugs, Bon Q. Trinh, Song Yi Ko, Nicolas Barengo, Shiaw-Yih Lin, and Honami Naora, Cancer Res., Jan 2013; 73: 1000 - 1010. TG300421

XRN2 XRN2 promotes EMT and metastasis through regulating maturation of miR-10a, Zhang, H;Lu, Y;Chen, E;Li, X;Lv, B;Vikis, HG;Liu, P;, Oncogene 2017 TL308334


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