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S100A14 Increased S100A15 expression and decreased DNA methylation of its gene promoter are involved in high metastasis potential and poor outcome of lung adenocarcinoma, Chen, YC;Lin, MC;Hsiao, CC;Zheng, YX;Chen, KD;Sung, MT;Chen, CJ;Wang, TY;Lin, YY;Chang, HC;Chen, YM;Chang, JC;, Oncotarget 2017 TL318900

S100B S100B Promotes Glioma Growth through Chemoattraction of Myeloid-Derived Macrophages, Huaqing Wang, Leying Zhang, Ian Y. Zhang, Xuebo Chen, Anna Da Fonseca, Shihua Wu, Hui Ren, Sam Badie, Sam Sadeghi, Mao Ouyang, Charles D. Warden, and Behnam Badie, Clin. Cancer Res., Jul 2013; 19: 3764 - 3775. TG309665

SAA3 Serum Amyloid A3 Secreted by Preosteoclasts Inhibits Parathyroid Hormone-Stimulated cAMP Signaling in Murine Osteoblasts, Choudhary, S;Goetjen, A;Estus, T;Jacome-Galarza, CE;Aguila, HL;Lorenzo, J;Pilbeam, C;, J. Biol. Chem. Dec 2015 TL501964

SATB1 Silencing SATB1 influences cell invasion, migration, proliferation, and drug resistance in nasopharyngeal carcinoma, Ye, CS;Zhou, DN;Yang, QQ;Deng, YF;, Int J Clin Exp Pathol Apr 2014 TG309643

SATB2 Molecular Mechanisms of Malignant Transformation by Low Dose Cadmium in Normal Human Bronchial Epithelial Cells, Cartularo, L;Kluz, T;Cohen, L;Shen, SS;Costa, M;, PLoS ONE May 2016 TG301833

SATB2 SATB2 expression increased anchorage-independent growth and cell migration in human bronchial epithelial cells, Wu, F;Jordan, A;Kluz, T;Shen, S;Sun, H;Cartularo, LA;Costa, M;, Toxicol. Appl. Pharmacol. Jan 2016 TG301833

SAV1 Salvador Protein Is a Tumor Suppressor Effector of RASSF1A with Hippo Pathway-independent Functions, Howard Donninger, Nadia Allen, Adrianna Henson, Jennifer Pogue, Andrew Williams, Laura Gordon, Susannah Kassler, Thomas Dunwell, Farida Latif, and Geoffrey J. Clark, J. Biol. Chem., May 2011; 286: 18483 - 18491 TR301832

SC115948 Hax-1 is required for Rac1-Cortactin interaction and ovarian carcinoma cell migration, Gomathinayagam, R;Muralidharan, J;Ha, JH;Varadarajalu, L;Dhanasekaran, DN;, Genes Cancer March 2014 TF312515

SC118589 Oncomorphic TP53 Mutations in Gynecologic Cancers Lose the Normal Protein: Protein Interactions with the microRNA Microprocessing Complex, Brachova, P;Mueting, SR;Devor, EJ;, Journal of Cancer Therapy April 2014 TR320558

SC400669 Oncomorphic Tp53 mutations in advanced serous ovarian carcinomas, Brachova, P;, Thesis Aug 2014 TF320558

SCARB1 Chlamydia trachomatis utilizes the mammalian CLA1 lipid transporter to acquire host phosphatidylcholine essential for growth, Cox, JV;Abdelrahman, YM;Peters, J;Naher, N;Belland, RJ;, Cell. Microbiol. Sep 2015 TG309633

SCG3 Carboxypeptidase E and Secretogranin III Coordinately Facilitate Efficient Sorting of Proopiomelanocortin to the Regulated Secretory Pathway in AtT20 Cells, Cawley, NX;Rathod, T;Young, S;Lou, H;Birch, N;Loh, YP;, Mol. Endocrinol 2016 TL516044

SCG3 Carboxypeptidase E and Secretogranin III coordinately facilitate efficient sorting of pro-opiomelanocortin to the regulated secretory pathway in AtT20 cells, Cawley, NX;Rathod, T;Young, S;Lou, H;, Molecular Endocrinology Dec2015 TR516044

SCIMP SCIMP, a Transmembrane Adaptor Protein Involved in Major Histocompatibility Complex Class II Signaling, Peter Draber, Ivana Vonkova, Ondrej Stepanek, Matous Hrdinka, Marketa Kucova, Tereza Skopcova, Pavel Otahal, Pavla Angelisova, Vaclav Horejsi, Mandy Yeung, Arthur Weiss, and Tomas Brdicka, Mol. Cell. Biol., Nov 2011; 31: 4550 - 4562.

SCPEP1 Serine carboxypeptidase SCPEP1 and Cathepsin A play complementary roles in regulation of vasoconstriction via inactivation of endothelin-1, Pan, X;Grigoryeva, L;Seyrantepe, V;Peng, J;Kollmann, K;Tremblay, J;Lavoie, JL;Hinek, A;Lübke, T;Pshezhetsky, AV;, PLoS Genet. Feb 2014 TF505007

SCRT2 Scratch2 Modulates Neurogenesis and Cell Migration Through Antagonism of bHLH Proteins in the Developing Neocortex, Vanessa Paul, Anton B. Tonchev, Kristine A. Henningfeld, Evangelos Pavlakis, Barbara Rust, Tomas Pieler, and Anastassia Stoykova, Cereb Cortex, Nov 2012; 10.1093/cercor/bhs356. TG307416

SDC1 Sphingosine-1-phosphate induced epithelial-mesenchymal transition of hepatocellular carcinoma via an MMP-7/ syndecan-1/TGF-ß autocrine loop, Zeng, Y;Yao, X;Chen, L;Yan, Z;Liu, J;Zhang, Y;Feng, T;Wu, J;Liu, X;, Oncotarget 2016 TL309598

SDC2 Binding of Y-P30 to Syndecan 2/3 Regulates the Nuclear Localization of CASK, Landgraf, P;Mikhaylova, M;Macharadze, T;Borutzki, C;Zenclussen, AC;Wahle, P;Kreutz, MR;, PLoS ONE, Feb 2014. TR309597

SDC3 Binding of Y-P30 to Syndecan 2/3 Regulates the Nuclear Localization of CASK, Landgraf, P;Mikhaylova, M;Macharadze, T;Borutzki, C;Zenclussen, AC;Wahle, P;Kreutz, MR;, PLoS ONE, Feb 2014. TR309596

SDCBP Syntenin promotes VEGF-induced VEGFR2 endocytosis and angiogenesis by increasing ephrin-B2 function in endothelial cells, Tae, N;Lee, S;Kim, O;Park, J;Na, S;Lee, JH;, Oncotarget 2017 TL309594


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