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KAP1 Exonuclease-1 interacts with the transcriptional co-repressor KAP1, El-Shemerly, M;Eid, W;Hess, D;Bologna, S;Gentili, C;Ferrari, S;, Matters 2016 TR320633

KBTBD5 Kbtbd5 is regulated by MyoD and restricted to the myogenic lineage, Bowlin, KM;Embree, LJ;Garry, MG;Garry, DJ;Shi, X;, Differentiation Dec 2013. TG303840

KCNA1 Control and Plasticity of the Presynaptic Action Potential Waveform at Small CNS Nerve Terminals, Hoppa, MB;Gouzer, G;Armbruster, M;Ryan, TA;, Neuron Nov 2014 TR713329

KCNC1 Control and Plasticity of the Presynaptic Action Potential Waveform at Small CNS Nerve Terminals, Hoppa, MB;Gouzer, G;Armbruster, M;Ryan, TA;, Neuron Nov 2014 TR709473

KCNQ1 Synergistic Restoring Effects of Isoproterenol and Magnesium on KCNQ1-Inhibited Bradycardia Cell Models Cultured in Microelectrode Array, Kim, SK;Pak, HN;Park, Y;, Cardiology, Feb 2014. TR711664

KDM1A Regulation of Protein Quality Control by UBE4B and LSD1 through p53-Mediated Transcription, Periz, G;Lu, J;Zhang, T;Kankel, MW;Jablonski, AM;Kalb, R;McCampbell, A;Wang, J;, PLoS Biol. Apr 2015 TF316984

KDM3A The Hypoxia-Inducible Epigenetic Regulators Jmjd1a and G9a Provide a Mechanistic Link between Angiogenesis and Tumor Growth, Ueda, J;Ho, JC;Lee, KL;Kitajima, S;Yang, H;Sun, W;Fukuhara, N;Zaiden, N;Chan, SL;Tachibana, M;Shinkai, Y;Kato, H;Poellinger, L;, Mol. Cell. Biol. July 2014 TG303857

KDM5A Vitamin C promotes pluripotency of human induced pluripotent stem cells via the histone demethylase JARID1A, Eid, W;Abdel-Rehim, W;, Biol. Chem. 2016 TL312057

KDM6B Folic Acid Remodels Chromatin on Hes1 and Neurog2 Promoters during Caudal Neural Tube Development, Shunsuke Ichi, Fabricio F. Costa, Jared M. Bischof, Hiromichi Nakazaki, Yueh-Wei Shen, Vanda Boshnjaku, Saurabh Sharma, J. Biol. Chem., Nov 2010; 285: 36922 - 36932 TR320873

KDR CD133(+) cancer stem cells promoted by VEGF accelerate the recurrence of hepatocellular carcinoma, Liu, K;Hao, M;Ouyang, Y;Zheng, J;Chen, D;, Sci Rep 2017 TR320400

KDR CD146 acts as a novel receptor for netrin-1 in promoting angiogenesis and vascular development, Tu, T;Zhang, C;Yan, H;Luo, Y;Kong, R;Wen, P;Ye, Z;Chen, J;Feng, J;Liu, F;Wu, JY;Yan, X;, Cell Res. Feb 2015 TG320400

KDR Autocrine VEGF signaling promotes cell proliferation and modulates the sorafenib treatment efficacy in hepatocellular carcinoma, Peng, S;Wang, Y;Peng, H;Chen, D;Shen, S;Peng, B;Chen, M;Lencioni, R;Kuang, M;, Hepatology May 2014 TG320400

KHK Ketohexokinase-Dependent Metabolism of Fructose Induces Proinflammatory Mediators in Proximal Tubular Cells, Pietro Cirillo, Michael S. Gersch, Wei Mu, Philip M. Scherer, Kyung Mee Kim, Loreto Gesualdo, George N. Henderson, Richard J. Johnson, and Yuri Y. Sautin, . Am. Soc. Nephrol., Mar 2009; 20: 545 - 553. TR311985

KHSRP KSRP Modulation of GAP-43 mRNA Stability Restricts Axonal Outgrowth in Embryonic Hippocampal Neurons, Bird, CW;Gardiner, AS;Bolognani, F;Tanner, DC;Chen, CY;Lin, WJ;Yoo, S;Twiss, JL;Perrone-Bizzozero, N;, PLoS ONE e79255 Nov 2013 TG311984

KIF19A Production of transgenic mice by random recombination of targeted genes in female germline stem cells, Yong Zhang, Zhaojuan Yang, Yunze Yang, Shuzeng Wang, Lingjun Shi, Wenhai Xie, Kejing Sun, Kang Zou, Lei Wang, Ji Xiong, Jie Xiang, and Ji Wu, J Mol Cell Biol, Dec 2010; 10.1093/jmcb/mjq043 TR517467

KIF20A KIF20A-Mediated RNA Granule Transport System Promotes the Invasiveness of Pancreatic Cancer Cells, Taniuchi, K;Furihata, M;Saibara, T;, Neoplasia Dec 2014 TG311916

KIF3A Live-Cell Imaging Evidence for the Ciliary Transport of Rod Photoreceptor Opsin by Heterotrimeric Kinesin-2, Deepti Trivedi, Emilie Colin, Carrie M. Louie, and David S. Williams, J. Neurosci., Aug 2012; 32: 10587 - 10593. TR311911

KISS1R KISS1R signaling promotes invadopodia formation in human breast cancer cell via ß-arrestin2/ERK, Goertzen, CG;Dragan, M;Turley, E;Babwah, AV;Bhattacharya, M;, Cell. Signal. Dec 2015 TR303680

KISS1R Regulation of GPR54 Signaling by GRK2 and {beta}-Arrestin, Macarena Pampillo, Natasha Camuso, Jay E. Taylor, Jacob M. Szereszewski, Maryse R. Ahow, Mateusz Zajac, Robert P. Millar, Moshmi Bhattacharya, and Andy V. Babwah, Mol. Endocrinol., Oct 2009; 10.1210/me.2009-0013 TR303680

KLF3 Epigenetic silencing of Kruppel like factor-3 increases expression of pro-metastatic miR-182, Sachdeva, M;Dodd, RD;Huang, Z;Grenier, C;Ma, Y;Lev, DC;Cardona, DM;Murphy, SK;Kirsch, DG;, Cancer Lett. Aug 2015 TL303669


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