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ZBTB10 MicroRNA-27a Indirectly Regulates Estrogen Receptor {alpha} Expression and Hormone Responsiveness in MCF-7 Breast Cancer Cells, Xiangrong Li, Susanne U. Mertens-Talcott, Shu Zhang, Kyoung Hyun Kim, Judith Ball, and Stephen Safe, Endocrinology, Jun 2010; 151: 2462 - 2473 TR300388

ZDHHC8 Palmitoylation of cdc42 Promotes Spine Stabilization and Rescues Spine Density Deficit in a Mouse Model of 22q11.2 Deletion Syndrome, Moutin, E;Nikonenko, I;Stefanelli, T;Wirth, A;Ponimaskin, E;De Roo, M;Muller, D;, Cereb. Cortex 2016 TF308290

ZEB1 Ginkgolide B Inhibits Human Bladder Cancer Cell Migration and Invasion Through MicroRNA-223-3p, Zhi, Y;Pan, J;Shen, W;He, P;Zheng, J;Zhou, X;Lu, G;Chen, Z;Zhou, Z;, Cell. Physiol. Biochem. 2016 TR301174

ZEB1 MicroRNA-141 and MicroRNA-146b-5p Inhibit the pro-Metastatic Mesenchymal Characteristics through the RNA Binding Protein AUF1 Targeting the Transcription Factor ZEB1 and the Protein Kinase AKT, Al-Khalaf, HH;Aboussekhra, A;, J. Biol. Chem. Sep 2014 TL301174

ZFP521 Direct Transcriptional Repression of Zfp423 by Zfp521 Mediates a Bone Morphogenic Protein-Dependent Osteoblast versus Adipocyte Lineage Commitment Switch, Addison, WN;Fu, MM;Yang, HX;Lin, Z;Nagano, K;Gori, F;Baron, R;, Mol. Cell. Biol. Aug 2014 TG506694

ZIP4 ZIP4 Regulates Pancreatic Cancer Cell Growth by Activating IL-6/STAT3 Pathway through Zinc Finger Transcription Factor CREB, Yuqing Zhang, Uddalak Bharadwaj, Craig D. Logsdon, Changyi Chen, Qizhi Yao, and Min Li, Clin. Cancer Res., Mar 2010; 16: 1423 - 1430 TR317306

ZNF567 RIPK1 regulates survival of human melanoma cells upon endoplasmic reticulum stress through autophagy, Luan, Q;Jin, L;Jiang, CC;Tay, KH;Lai, F;Liu, XY;Liu, YL;Guo, ST;Li, CY;Yan, XG;Tseng, HY;Zhang, XD;, Autophagy May 2015 TG300130

ZNF567 RIP1 Kinase Is an Oncogenic Driver in Melanoma, Liu, XY;Lai, F;Yan, XG;Jiang, CC;Guo, ST;Wang, CY;Croft, A;Tseng, HY;Wilmott, JS;Scolyer, RA;Jin, L;Zhang, XD;, Cancer Res. Feb 2015 TG300130

ZSCAN5A A Modified Adenovirus Vector-Mediated Antibody Screening Method Identifies EphA2 as a Cancer Target, Tanaka, T;Yamada, H;Kuroki, M;Kodama, S;Tamura, K;Takamatsu, Y;, Transl Oncol 2017 TR300012


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