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TruePlex Luminex Assay FAQs

1. Q: How do the TruePLEX™ immunoassay kits work?
A: The multiplex immunoassay kits are designed to measure the protein concentrations of analytes simultaneously in one assay using matching antibody pairs with Luminex xMAP® technology. The required sample volume is 5-50 ?l. The multiplex kits contain all reagents and accessories to run the assays. The single-plex kits are available and designed for customized assays to build your own mix-and-match assays. Besides selecting single-plex kits, supporting buffer kits are required to build the customized assays.
2. Q: What are the benefits of using the TruePLEX™ immunoassay kits?
A: Measure concentrations of multiple proteins simultaneously in one assay. Save time and precious samples.
  • Proven performance with extensive validation (sensitivity, recovery, linearity and reproducibility)
  • Validated for cell culture supernatant, human sera, or human plasma
  • Single-plex kits available for customized mix-and-match assays
  • Standardized and fixed standard curve ranges to ensure lot-to-lot consistency
  • Designed and validated for Luminex xMAP® technology
3. Q: What are the analytes for the TruePLEX™ human growth factor assay kit (11-plex)?
A: The 11 analytes are PDGF-AB, PDGF-BB, FGF4, FIGF (VEGFD), FGF2, EGF, HGF, FLT3LG, ANGP2, PGF, and VEGFA. These are the oncology related human growth factors found in serum, plasma and tissue culture supernatant
4. Q: How can I reduce the background using TruePLEX™ immunoassay kits?
A: The background problems were caused by cross-contamination of wells and ineffective wash steps. Ensure that no material from the standard or sample wells reaches the background (Neg) wells during pipetting. Follow wash instructions carefully and increase number of washes if necessary.


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