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Multiple Plasmids Contribute to Antibiotic Resistance and Macrophage Survival In Vitro in CMY2-Bearing Salmonella enterica, Kempf, AJ;Hulsebus, HJ;Akbar, S;, Foodborne Pathog. Dis. Apr 2016 NP100006

Lens regeneration using endogenous stem cells with gain of visual function, Lin, H;Ouyang, H;Zhu, J;Huang, S;Liu, Z;Chen, S;Cao, G;Li, G;Signer, RA;Xu, Y;Chung, C;Zhang, Y;Lin, D;Patel, S;Wu, F;Cai, H;Hou, J;Wen, C;Jafari, M;Liu, X;Luo, L;Zhu, J;Qiu, A;Hou, R;Chen, B;Chen, J;Granet, D;Heichel, C;Shang, F;Li, X;Krawczyk, M;Skowronska-Krawczyk, D;Wang, Y;Shi, W;Chen, D;Zhong, Z;Zhong, S;Zhang, L;Chen, S;Morrison, SJ;Maas, RL;Zhang, K;Liu, Y;, Nature Mar 2016 TR30022

Fabrication of Novel High Surface Area Mushroom Gilled Fibers and Their Effects on Human Adipose Derived Stem Cells Under Pulsatile Fluid Flow for Tissue Engineering Applications, Tuin, SA;Pourdeyhimi, B;Loboa, EG;, Acta Biomater Mar 2016 NP100041

Calcitonin Receptor-Zonula Occludens-1 Interaction Is Critical for Calcitonin-Stimulated Prostate Cancer Metastasis, Aljameeli, A;Thakkar, A;Thomas, S;Lakshmikanthan, V;Iczkowski, KA;Shah, GV;, PLoS ONE Mar 2016 /

Ca2+-binding protein centrin 4 is a novel binding partner of rat Eag1 K+ channels, Hsu, PH;Chiu, YC;Lin, TF;Jeng, CJ;, FEBS Open Bio Mar 2016 /

Metallothionein-1G Facilitates Sorafenib Resistance through Inhibition of Ferroptosis, Sun, X;Niu, X;Chen, R;He, W;Chen, ;Kang, R;Tang, D;, Hepatology Mar 2016 NP100041


1ST STRAND CDNA SYNTHESIS KIT A Role for Host Activation-Induced Cytidine Deaminase in Innate Immune Defense against KSHV, Bekerman, E;Jeon, D;Ardolino, M;Coscoy, L;, PLoS Pathog. e1003748 Nov 2013 HP100041

1ST STRAND CDNA SYNTHESIS KIT A feed-forward loop involving Trib3, Akt and FoxO mediates death of NGF-deprived neurons, Zareen, N;Biswas, SC;Greene, LA;, Cell Death Differ. 1719-30 Nov 2013 HP100041

9947A DNA Genotyping of 38 insertion/deletion polymorphisms for human identification using universal fluorescent PCR, Oka, K;Asari, M;Omura, T;Yoshida, M;Maseda, C;Yajima, D;Matsubara, K;Shiono, H;Matsuda, M;Shimizu, K;, Mol Cell Probes. 2013 Sep 25

ASTROCYTE RNA Suppression of G-protein–Coupled Receptor Kinase 3 Expression Is a Feature of Classical GBM That Is Required for Maximal Growth, B. Mark Woerner, Jingqin Luo, Kristin R. Brown, Erin Jackson, Sonika M. Dahiya, Paul Mischel, Jeffrey L. Benovic, David Piwnica-Worms, and Joshua B. Rubin, Mol. Cancer Res., Jan 2012; 10: 156 - 166.

BCRT101 Immunohistochemical expression of matrix metalloprotease-2 and matrix metalloprotease-9 in the disks of patients with temporomandibular joint dysfunction, Almeida, LE;Caporal, K;Ambros, V;Azevedo, M;Noronha, L;Leonardi, R;Trevilatto, PC;, J. Oral Pathol. Med. July 2014 GB200002

BECN1 Inhibition of mTOR Kinase by AZD8055 Can Antagonize Chemotherapy-induced Cell Death through Autophagy Induction and Down-regulation of p62/Sequestosome 1, Shengbing Huang, Zhineng J. Yang, Chunrong Yu, and Frank A. Sinicrope, J. Biol. Chem., Nov 2011; 286: 40002 - 40012. SC117750

CH1001 DDX3X Biomarker Correlates with Poor Survival in Human Gliomas, Hueng, DY;Tsai, WC;Chiou, HY;Feng, SW;Lin, C;Li, YF;Huang, LC;Lin, MH;, Int J Mol Sci Jul 2015 /

DKT100 A GIPC1-palmitate switch modulates dopamine Drd3 receptor trafficking and signaling, Arango-Lievano, M;Sensoy, O;Borie, A;Corbani, M;Guillon, G;Sokoloff, P;Weinstein, H;Jeanneteau, F;, Mol. Cell. Biol. Jan 2016 /

DKT100 The Cytokinin Response Factors modulate root and shoot growth and promote leaf senescence in Arabidopsis, Raines, T;Shanks, C;Cheng, CY;McPherson, D;Argueso, CT;Kim, HJ;Franco-Zorrilla, JM;López-Vidriero, I;Solano, R;Vanková, R;Schaller, GE;Kieber, JJ;, Plant J. Dec 2015 /

DKT100 Basolateral Endocytic Recycling Requires RAB-10 and AMPH-1 Mediated Recruitment of RAB-5 GAP TBC-2 to Endosomes, Liu, O;Grant, BD;, PLoS Genet. Sep 2015 /

DKT100 Functional mapping of the plant small RNA methyltransferase: HEN1 physically interacts with HYL1 and DICER-LIKE 1 proteins, Baranauske, S;Mickute, M;Plotnikova, A;Finke, A;Venclovas, C;Klimašauskas, S;Vilkaitis, G;, Nucleic Acids Res. Feb 2015 /

DKT100 Characterization of the Interaction between Rfa1 and Rad24 in Saccharomyces cerevisiae, Piya, G;Mueller, EN;Haas, HK;Ghospurkar, PL;Wilson, TM;Jensen, JL;Colbert, CL;Haring, SJ;, PLoS ONE Feb 2015 /

DKT100 Protein-protein interaction studies provide evidence for electron transfer from ferredoxin to lipoic acid synthase in Toxoplasma gondii, Frohnecke, N;Klein, S;Seeber, F;, FEBS Lett. Jan 2015 /


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