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MegaTran Citations


Structure determination of human Fas apoptosis inhibitory molecule and identification of the critical residues linking the interdomain interaction to the anti-apoptotic activity, Li, G;Qu, L;Ma, S;Wu, Y;Jin, C;Zheng, X;, Acta Crystallogr. D Biol. Crystallogr. July 2014 [ SKU# TT200002]

A Conserved Motif in the Linker Domain of STAT1 Transcription Factor Is Required for Both Recognition and Release from High-Affinity DNA-Binding Sites, Hüntelmann, B;Staab, J;Herrmann-Lingen, C;Meyer, T;, PLoS ONE May 2014 [ SKU# TT200002]

Die Rolle der aminoterminalen Coiled-coil-Domäne von STAT1 in der Interferonantwort, Ziegler, B;, Thesis Aug 2014 [ SKU# TT200002]

Chemical Visualization of Phosphoproteomes on Membrane , Anton Iliuk, X. Shawn Liu, Liang Xue, Xiaoqi Liu, and W. Andy Tao, Mol. Cell. Proteomics, Sep 2012; 11: 629 - 639. [MegaTran  SKU# ]

Selected Melanocortin 1 Receptor Single-Nucleotide Polymorphisms Differentially Alter Multiple Signaling Pathways , J. R. Doyle, J. P. Fortin, M. Beinborn, and A. S. Kopin, J. Pharmacol. Exp. Ther., Aug 2012; 342: 318 - 326. [MegaTran 1.0 SKU# ]

Discovery of Lung Cancer Biomarkers by Profiling the Plasma Proteome with Monoclonal Antibody Libraries , Mariana Guergova-Kuras, István Kurucz, William Hempel, Nadège Tardieu, János Kádas, Carole Malderez-Bloes, Anne Jullien, Yann Kieffer, Marina Hincapie, András Guttman, Eszter Csánky, Balázs Dezso, Barry L. Karger, and László Takács, Mol. Cell. Proteomics, Dec 2011; 10: M111.010298. [Turbofectin 8.0 SKU# ]

Plk1 Phosphorylation of Orc2 Promotes DNA Replication under Conditions of Stress , Bing Song, X. Shawn Liu, Korbin Davis, and Xiaoqi Liu, Mol. Cell. Biol., Dec 2011; 31: 4844 - 4856. [MegaTran  SKU# ]

Role of Pax3 acetylation in the regulation of Hes1 and Neurog2, Shunsuke Ichi, Vanda Boshnjaku, Yueh-Wei Shen, Barbara Mania-Farnell, Sara Ahlgren, Sidanth Sapru, Nikhita Mansukhani, David G. McLone, Tadanori Tomita, and C.S.K. Mayanil, Mol. Biol. Cell, Feb 2011; 22: 503 - 512 [ SKU# ]

Cdc2-mediated Phosphorylation of CLIP-170 Is Essential for Its Inhibition of Centrosome Reduplication, Xiaoming Yang, Hongchang Li, X. Shawn Liu, Anping Deng, and Xiaoqi Liu, J. Biol. Chem., Oct 2009; 284: 28775 - 28782 [ SKU# ]


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