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antibody Citations

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Role of Glutamine Transaminases in Nitrogen, Sulfur, Selenium, and 1-Carbon Metabolism, Cooper, AJL;Dorai, T;Dorai, B;Krasnikov, BF;Li, J;, Glutamine in Clinical NutritionNutrition and Health Nov 2014 [NIT2 SKU# TA501138]

Direct conversion of human myoblasts into brown-like adipocytes by engineered super-active PPAR?, Zhu, Y;Yang, R;McLenithan, J;Yu, D;Wang, H;Wang, Y;Singh, D;Olson, J;Sztalryd, C;Zhu, D;Gong, DW;, Obesity (Silver Spring) May 2015 [MYOD1 SKU# TA309755]

Proteomics profiling of ethylene-induced tomato flower pedicel abscission, Zhang, XL;Qi, MF;Xu, T;Lu, XJ;Li, TL;, J Proteomics May 2015 [ SKU# TA130003]

Proteomics profiling of ethylene-induced tomato flower pedicel abscission, Zhang, XL;Qi, MF;Xu, T;Lu, XJ;Li, TL;, J Proteomics May 2015 [ SKU# TA140003]

SAMHD1 Degradation Enhances Active Suppression of Dendritic Cell Maturation by HIV-1, Hertoghs, N;van der Aar, AM;Setiawan, LC;Kootstra, NA;Gringhuis, SI;Geijtenbeek, TB;, J. Immunol. May 2015 [SAMHD1 SKU# TA501954]

(S)-Lacosamide Binding to Collapsin Response Mediator Protein 2 (CRMP2) Regulates CaV2.2 Activity by Subverting Its Phosphorylation by Cdk5, Moutal, A;François-Moutal, L;Perez-Miller, S;Cottier, K;Chew, LA;Yeon, SK;Dai, J;Park, KD;Khanna, M;Khanna, R;, Mol. Neurobiol. Apr 2015 [CACNA1B SKU# TA308673]

A Novel, Highly Sensitive ALK Antibody 1A4 Facilitates Effective Screening for ALK Rearrangements in Lung Adenocarcinomas by Standard Immunohistochemistry, Gruber K, Kohlhäufl M, Friedel G, Ott G, Kalla C., J Thorac Oncol. 2015 Apr;10(4):713-6 [ALK SKU# TA801287]

Accumulation of an endogenous tryptophan-derived metabolite in colorectal and breast cancers, Puccetti, P;Fallarino, F;Italiano, A;Soubeyran, I;MacGrogan, G;Debled, M;Velasco, V;Bodet, D;Eimer, S;Veldhoen, M;Prendergast, GC;Platten, M;Bessede, A;Guillemin, GJ;, PLoS ONE Apr 2015 [IDO1 SKU# UM500091]

Cancer-mediated adipose reversion promotes cancer cell migration via IL-6 and MCP-1, Fujisaki, K;Fujimoto, H;Sangai, T;Nagashima, T;Sakakibara, M;Shiina, N;Kuroda, M;Aoyagi, Y;Miyazaki, M;, Breast Cancer Res. Treat. Apr 2015 [CEBPA SKU# TA322760]

Characterization of stanniocalcin-1 binding and signaling in gill cells of Japanese eels, Gu, J;Law, AY;Yeung, B;Wong, C;, J. Mol. Endocrinol. Apr 2015 [STC1 SKU# TA311078]

CREB is a key negative regulator of carbonic anhydrase IX (CA9) in gastric cancer, Wang, G;Cheng, Z;Liu, F;Zhang, H;Li, J;Li, F;, Cell. Signal. Apr 2015 [CA9 SKU# TA500623]

Defects of the Carney complex's gene (PRKAR1A) in odontogenic tumors, Sousa, SF;Gomez, RS;Diniz, MG;Bernardes, VF;Soares, FF;Brito, JA;Liu, S;Pontes, HA;Stratakis, CA;Gomes, CC;, Endocr. Relat. Cancer Apr 2015 [PRKAR1A SKU# TA500641]

Development and Evaluation of Highly Specific Monoclonal Antibodies against Human LGR5 for the Identification of Colon Cancer Stem Cells, Fu, W;Yuan, K;Chen, C;Wei, H;Lu, HE;Ren, Q;Logis, E;, The FASEB Journal Apr 2015 [LGR5 SKU# UM800104]

Development and Validation of a Thallium Flux-Based Functional Assay for the Sodium Channel NaV1.7 and Its Utility for Lead Discovery and Compound Profiling, Du, Y;Days, E;Romaine, I;Abney, KK;Kaufmann, K;Sulikowski, G;Stauffer, S;Lindsley, CW;Weaver, CD;, ACS Chem Neurosci Apr 2015 [Scn9a SKU# TA329033]

ELAS1-mediated inhibition of the cyclin G1-B'? interaction promotes cancer cell apoptosis via stabilization and activation of p53, Ohno, S;Naito, Y;Mukai, S;Yabuta, N;Nojima, H;, Oncogene Apr 2015 [TP53AIP1 SKU# TA306074]


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