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Antibody Citations

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Nano-fibrin stabilized CaSO4 crystals incorporated injectable chitin composite hydrogel for enhanced angiogenesis & osteogenesis, Kumar, RA;Sivashanmugam, A;Deepthi, S;, Carbohydrate Polymers Apr2016 [SPP1 SKU# TA309877]

ALDH+/CD44+ cells in breast cancer are associated with worse prognosis and poor clinical outcome, Yan, Q;Tianjie, P;Peng, G;Bing, W;Zhang, Z;, Experimental and Molecular Pathology Feb2016 [ALDH1A3 SKU# TA502805]

Increased bone morphogenetic protein signaling contributes to age-related declines in neurogenesis and cognition, Meyers, EA;Gobeske, KT;Bond, AM;Jarrett, JC;, Neurobiology of Aging Feb 2016 [BMP4 SKU# UM500038]

Calpains Released by T Lymphocytes Cleave TLR2 To Control IL-17 Expression, Perez, J;Dansou, B;Hervé, R;Levi, C;Tamouza, H;Vandermeersch, S;Demey-Thomas, E;Haymann, JP;Zafrani, L;Klatzmann, D;Boissier, MC;Letavernier, E;Baud, L;, J. Immunol. Jan 2016 [TLR1 SKU# TA301170]

Expression of PTEN and KAI1 tumor suppressor genes in pancreatic carcinoma and its association with different pathological factors, Huang, W;Yang, J;Ren, J;Tang, J;, Oncology Letters Jan 2016 [PTEN SKU# TA307724]

S-Sulfocysteine simplifies fed-batch processes and increases the CHO specific productivity via anti-oxidant activity, Hecklau, C;Pering, S;Seibel, R;Schnellbaecher, A;, Journal of Biotechnology Jan2016 [SOD1 SKU# TA343111]

TM4SF3 and AR: A Nuclear Complex that Stabilizes Both Proteins, Bhansali, M;Zhou, J;Shemshedini, L;, Mol. Endocrinol. Jan 2016 [DDK SKU# TA50011-100]

TM4SF3 and AR: A Nuclear Complex that Stabilizes Both Proteins, Bhansali, M;Zhou, J;Shemshedini, L;, Mol. Endocrinol. Jan 2016 [tGFP SKU# TA150041]

Amentoflavone Induces Anti-angiogenic and Anti-metastatic Effects Through Suppression of NF-?B Activation in MCF-7 cells, Chen, JH;Chen, WL;Liu, YC;, Anticancer Res. Dec 2015 [MMP2 SKU# TA326260]

Characterization of the sex-dependent myocardial S-nitrosothiol proteome, Shao, Q;Fallica, J;Casin, KM;Murphy, E;Steenbergen, C;Kohr, MJ;, Am. J. Physiol. Heart Circ. Physiol. Dec 2015 [ADH5 SKU# TA321174]

Cyclin A2 and CDK2 as Novel Targets of Aspirin and Salicylic acid: a Potential Role in Cancer Prevention, Dachineni, R;Ai, G;Kumar, DR;Sadhu, SS;Tummala, H;Bhat, GJ;, Mol. Cancer Res. Dec 2015 [DDK SKU# TA50011-100]

DPPA5 Supports Pluripotency and Reprogramming by Regulating NANOG Turnover, Qian, X;Kim, JK;Tong, W;Villa-Diaz, LG;Krebsbach, PH;, Stem Cells Dec 2015 [DDK SKU# TA50011]

Enhanced Phospholipase A2 Group 3 Expression by Oxidative Stress Decreases the Insulin-Degrading Enzyme, Yui, D;Nishida, Y;Nishina, T;Mogushi, K;Tajiri, M;Ishibashi, S;Ajioka, I;Ishikawa, K;Mizusawa, H;Murayama, S;Yokota, T;, PLoS ONE Dec 2015 [PLA2G3 SKU# TA308426]

HuR antagonizes the effect of an intronic pyrimidine-rich sequence in regulating WT1+/- KTS isoforms, Li, H;Hou, S;Hao, T;Azam, S;Liu, C;Shi, L;Lei, H;, RNA biology Dec 2015 [eGFP SKU# TA150052]

KDM4B promotes epithelial-mesenchymal transition through up-regulation of ZEB1 in pancreatic cancer, Li, S;Wu, L;Wang, Q;Li, Y;Wang, X;, Acta Biochim. Biophys. Sin. (Shanghai) Dec 2015 [ZEB1 SKU# TA332781]


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