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A potential therapeutic effect of CYP2C8 overexpression on anti-TNF-a activity, Liu, W;Wang, B;Ding, H;Wang, DW;Zeng, H;, Int. J. Mol. Med. Sep 2014 [ SKU# PS100010]

Atmospheric-pressure gas plasma-induced colorectal cancer cell death is mediated by Nox2-ASK1 apoptosis pathways and oxidative stress is mitigated by Srx-Nrf2 anti-oxidant system, Ishaq, M;Evans, MD;Ostrikov, KK;, Biochim. Biophys. Acta Aug 2014 [ SKU# PS100010]

Calpain cleavage within dysferlin exon 40a releases a synaptotagmin-like module for membrane repair, Redpath, G;Woolger, N;Piper, A;Lemckert, F;Lek, A;Greer, P;North, K;Cooper, S;, Mol. Biol. Cell Aug 2014 [ SKU# PS100027]

Connexin 30 expression inhibits growth of human malignant gliomas but protects them against radiation therapy, Artesi, M;Kroonen, J;Bredel, M;Nguyen-Khac, M;Deprez, M;Schoysman, L;Poulet, C;Chakravarti, A;Kim, H;Scholtens, D;Seute, T;Rogister, B;Bours, V;Robe, PA;, Neuro-oncology Aug 2014 [ SKU# PS100068]

Distinct fc? receptors mediate the effect of serum amyloid p on neutrophil adhesion and fibrocyte differentiation, Cox, N;Pilling, D;Gomer, RH;, J. Immunol. Aug 2014 [ SKU# PS100002]

Oxidoreductase activity is necessary for N-glycosylation of cysteine-proximal acceptor sites in glycoproteins, Cherepanova, NA;Shrimal, S;Gilmore, R;, J. Cell Biol. Aug 2014 [ SKU# PS100009]

Targeting of aquaporin 4 into lipid rafts and its biological significance, Asakura, K;Ueda, A;Shima, S;Ishikawa, T;Hikichi, C;Hirota, S;Fukui, T;Ito, S;Mutoh, T;, Brain Res. Aug 2014 [ SKU# PS100033]

Apoptosis Linked Gene-2 (ALG-2)/Sec31 Interactions Regulate ER-to-Golgi Transport: a Potential Effector Pathway for Luminal Calcium, Helm, JR;Bentley, M;Thorsen, KD;Wang, T;Foltz, L;Oorschot, V;Klumperman, J;Hay, JC;, J. Biol. Chem. July 2014 [ SKU# PS100034]

Identification and characterization of membrane androgen receptors in the ZIP9 zinc transporter subfamily: II. Role of human ZIP9 in testosterone-induced prostate and breast cancer cell apoptosis, Thomas, P;Dong, J;Berg, AH;Pang, Y;, Endocrinology July 2014 [ SKU# PCMV6NEO]

Instructive Nanofibrous Scaffold Comprising Runt-Related Transcription Factor 2 Gene Delivery for Bone Tissue Engineering, Monteiro, N;Ribeiro, D;Martins, A;Faria, S;Fonseca, NA;Moreira, JN;Reis, RL;Neves, NM;, ACS Nano July 2014 [ SKU# PS100019]

Transactivation of the receptor tyrosine kinase Ephrin Receptor A2 is required for the low molecular weight hyaluronan-mediated angiogenesis that is implicated in tumor progression, Lennon, FE;Mirzapoiazova, T;Mambetsariev, N;Mambetsariev, B;Salgia, R;Singleton, PA;, J. Biol. Chem. July 2014 [ SKU# PS100026]

DUF1220 protein domains drive proliferation in human neural stem cells and are associated with increased cortical volume in anthropoid primates, Keeney, JG;Davis, JM;Siegenthaler, J;Post, MD;Nielsen, BS;Hopkins, WD;Sikela, JM;, Brain Struct Funct Jun 2014 [ SKU# PS100001]

Overexpression of alpha (1,6) fucosyltransferase associated with aggressive prostate cancer, Wang, X;Chen, J;Li, QK;Peskoe, SB;Zhang, B;Choi, C;Platz, EA;Zhang, H;, Glycobiology Jun 2014 [ SKU# PS100001]

Role of Protein Phosphatase 1 in Dephosphorylation of Ebola Virus VP30 and its Targeting for the Inhibition of Viral Transcription, Ilinykh, PA;Tigabu, B;Ivanov, A;Ammosova, T;Obukhov, Y;Garron, T;Kumari, N;Kovalskyy, D;Platonov, MO;Naumchik, VS;Freiberg, AN;Nekhai, S;Bukreyev, A;, J. Biol. Chem. Jun 2014 [ SKU# PS100059]

SOD3 Acts as a Tumor Suppressor in PC-3 Prostate Cancer Cells via Hydrogen Peroxide Accumulation, KIM, J;MIZOKAMI, A;SHIN, M;IZUMI, K;, Anticancer Research Jun 2014 [ SKU# PS100001]


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