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Biased Agonism as a Novel Strategy To Harness the Proresolving Properties of Melanocortin Receptors without Eliciting Melanogenic Effects, Montero-Melendez, T;Gobbetti, T;Cooray, SN;Jonassen, TE;Perretti, M;, J. Immunol. Apr 2015 [ SKU# PCMV6XL4]

Hairy/enhancer-of-split related with YRPW motif protein 1 promotes osteosarcoma metastasis via matrix metallopeptidase 9 expression, Tsuru, A;Setoguchi, T;Matsunoshita, Y;Nagao-Kitamoto, H;Nagano, S;Yokouchi, M;Maeda, S;Ishidou, Y;Yamamoto, T;Komiya, S;, Br. J. Cancer Apr 2015 [ SKU# PS100001]

Slug contributes to cancer progression by direct regulation of ERa signaling pathway, Li, Y;Wu, Y;Abbatiello, TC;Wu, WL;Kim, JR;Sarkissyan, M;Sarkissyan, S;Chung, SS;Elshimali, Y;Vadgama, JV;, Int. J. Oncol. Apr 2015 [ SKU# PS100010]

Antibodies to inhibitory synaptic proteins in neurological syndromes associated with glutamic Acid decarboxylase autoimmunity, Gresa-Arribas, N;Ariño, H;Martínez-Hernández, E;Petit-Pedrol, M;Sabater, L;Saiz, A;Dalmau, J;Graus, F;, PLoS ONE Mar 2015 [ SKU# PS100003]

APOBEC3A Is Implicated in a Novel Class of G-to-A mRNA Editing in WT1 Transcripts, Niavarani, A;Currie, E;Reyal, Y;Anjos-Afonso, F;Horswell, S;Griessinger, E;Luis Sardina, J;Bonnet, D;, PLoS ONE Mar 2015 [ SKU# PS100010]

C6orf106 enhances NSCLC cell invasion by upregulating vimentin, and downregulating E-cadherin and P120ctn, Zhang, X;Miao, Y;Yu, X;Zhang, Y;Jiang, G;Liu, Y;Yu, J;Han, Q;Zhao, H;Wang, E;, Tumour Biol. Mar 2015 [ SKU# PS100001]

Cadherin-11 involves in synovitis and increases the migratory and invasive capacity of fibroblast-like synoviocytes of osteoarthritis, Ding, X;Zhang, Y;Huang, Y;Liu, S;Lu, H;Sun, T;, Int. Immunopharmacol. Mar 2015 [ SKU# PS100071]

Concurrent Targeting of KRAS and AKT by MiR-4689 Is a Novel Treatment Against Mutant KRAS Colorectal Cancer, Hiraki, M;Nishimura, J;Takahashi, H;Wu, X;Takahashi, Y;Miyo, M;Nishida, N;Uemura, M;Hata, T;Takemasa, I;Mizushima, T;Soh, JW;Doki, Y;Mori, M;Yamamoto, H;, Mol Ther Nucleic Acids Mar 2015 [ SKU# PS100001]

CXCR3 Signaling in BRAFWT Melanoma Increases IL-8 Expression and Tumorigenicity, Jenkins, MH;Brinckerhoff, CE;Mullins, DW;, PLoS ONE Mar 2015 [ SKU# PS100001]

Differential Gene Expression in GPR40-Overexpressing Pancreatic ß-cells Treated with Linoleic Acid, Kim, IS;Yang, SY;Han, JH;Jung, SH;Park, HS;Myung, CS;, Korean J. Physiol. Pharmacol. Mar 2015 [ SKU# PCMV6NEO]

Gata2b is a restricted early regulator of hemogenic endothelium in the zebrafish embryo, Butko, E;Distel, M;Pouget, C;Weijts, B;Kobayashi, I;Ng, K;Mosimann, C;Poulain, FE;McPherson, A;Ni, CW;Stachura, DL;Del Cid, N;Espín-Palazón, R;Lawson, ND;Dorsky, R;Clements, WK;Traver, D;, Development Mar 2015 [ SKU# PS100006]

Germline mutations in ETV6 are associated with thrombocytopenia, red cell macrocytosis and predisposition to lymphoblastic leukemia, Noetzli, L;Lo, RW;Lee-Sherick, AB;Callaghan, M;Noris, P;Savoia, A;Rajpurkar, M;Jones, K;Gowan, K;Balduini, CL;Pecci, A;Gnan, C;De Rocco, D;Doubek, M;Li, L;Lu, L;Leung, R;Landolt-Marticorena, C;Hunger, S;Heller, P;Gutierrez-Hartmann, A;Xiayuan, L;Pluthero, FG;Rowley, JW;Weyrich, AS;Kahr, WH;Porter, CC;Di Paola, J;, Nat. Genet. Mar 2015 [ SKU# PS100001]

High expression of miR-9 in CD133 glioblastoma cells in chemoresistance to temozolomide, Munoz, JL;Rodriguez-Cruz, V;, Journal of Cancer Stem Cell Research Mar 2015 [ SKU# PCMVMIR]

Hypo- and Hypermorphic FOXC1 Mutations in Dominant Glaucoma: Transactivation and Phenotypic Variability, Medina-Trillo, C;Sánchez-Sánchez, F;Aroca-Aguilar, JD;Ferre-Fernández, JJ;Morales, L;Méndez-Hernández, CD;Blanco-Kelly, F;Ayuso, C;García-Feijoo, J;Escribano, J;, PLoS ONE Mar 2015 [ SKU# PS100062]

Inhibition of ERBB2-overexpressing Tumors by Recombinant Human Prolidase and Its Enzymatically Inactive Mutant, Yang, L;Li, Y;Bhattacharya, A;Zhang, Y;, EBioMedicine Mar 2015 [ SKU# PCMV6XL5]


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