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Vector Citations

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Bimodal high-affinity association of Brd4 with murine leukemia virus integrase and mononucleosomes, Larue, RC;Plumb, MR;Crowe, BL;Shkriabai, N;Sharma, A;Difiore, J;Malani, N;Aiyer, SS;Roth, MJ;Bushman, FD;Foster, MP;Kvaratskhelia, M;, Nucleic Acids Res., Feb 2014. [pEX-N-His]

DSSylation, a novel protein modification targets proteins induced by oxidative stress, and facilitates their degradation in cells, Zhang, Y;Chang, FM;Huang, J;Junco, JJ;Maffi, SK;Pridgen, HI;Catano, G;Dang, H;Ding, X;Yang, F;Kim, DJ;Slaga, TJ;He, R;Wei, SJ;, Protein Cell, Feb 2014. [pCMV6-entry-myc-DDK]

Kaiso Interacts with p120-Catenin to Regulate β-Catenin Expression at the Transcriptional Level, Liu, Y;Dong, QZ;Wang, S;Xu, HT;Miao, Y;Wang, L;Wang, EH;, PLoS ONE, Feb 2014. []

p53-Independent Cell Cycle and Erythroid Differentiation Defects in Murine Embryonic Stem Cells Haploinsufficient for Diamond Blackfan Anemia-Proteins: RPS19 versus RPL5, Singh, SA;Goldberg, TA;Henson, AL;Husain-Krautter, S;Nihrane, A;Blanc, L;Ellis, SR;Lipton, JM;Liu, JM;, PLoS ONE, Feb 2014. [pCMV6-A-Puro]

A Targeting Modality for Destruction of RNA Polymerase I that Possesses Anticancer Activity, Peltonen, K;Colis, L;Liu, H;Trivedi, R;Moubarek, MS;Moore, HM;Bai, B;Rudek, MA;Bieberich, CJ;Laiho, M;, Cancer Cell, Jan 2014. [pCMV6-AC-HA-His]

Characterization of the genomic features and expressed fusion genes in micropapillary carcinomas of the breast, Natrajan, R;Wilkerson, PM;Marchiò, C;Piscuoglio, S;Ng, CK;Wai, P;Lambros, MB;Samartzis, EP;Dedes, KJ;Frankum, J;Bajrami, I;Kopec, A;Mackay, A;A'hern, R;Fenwick, K;Kozarewa, I;Hakas, J;Mitsopoulos, C;Hardisson, D;Lord, CJ;Kumar-Sinha, C;Ashworth, A;Weigelt, B;Sapino, A;Chinnaiyan, AM;Maher, CA;Reis-Filho, JS;, J. Pathol., Jan 2014. [pCMV6-AC-DDK]

Dual-Specificity Phosphatase 14 (DUSP14/MKP6) Negatively Regulates TCR Signaling by Inhibiting TAB1 Activation, Yang, CY;Li, JP;Chiu, LL;Lan, JL;Chen, DY;Chuang, HC;Huang, CY;Tan, TH;, J. Immunol., Jan 2014. [ pCMV6-AC-Flag]

Nogo Receptor Homolog NgR2 Expressed in Sensory DRG Neurons Controls Epidermal Innervation by Interaction with Versican, Bäumer, BE;Kurz, A;Borrie, SC;Sickinger, S;Dours-Zimmermann, MT;Zimmermann, DR;Bandtlow, CE;, J. Neurosci., Jan 2014. [pCMV6-AC-FC]

Epigenetic genome-wide analysis identifies BEX1 as a candidate tumour suppressor gene in paediatric intracranial ependymoma, Karakoula, K;Jacques, TS;Phipps, KP;Harkness, W;Thompson, D;Harding, BN;Darling, JL;Warr, TJ;, Cancer Lett. Dec 2013. [pCMV6-AC-GFP]

Histone Decacetylase Inhibitors Prevent Mitochondrial Fragmentation and Elicit Early Neuroprotection against MPP+, Zhu, M;Li, WW;Lu, CZ;, CNS Neurosci Ther Dec 2013. [pCMV6-AC-IRES-GFP]

Identification of novel sequence variations in microRNAs in chronic lymphocytic leukemia, Kminkova, J;Mraz, M;Zaprazna, K;Navrkalova, V;Tichy, B;Plevova, K;Malcikova, J;Cerna, K;Rausch, T;Benes, V;Brychtova, Y;Doubek, M;Mayer, J;Pospisilova, S;, Carcinogenesis Dec 2013. [pCMV-MIR]

Notch-Nrf2 axis: Regulation of Nrf2 gene expression and cytoprotection by Notch signaling, Wakabayashi, N;Skoko, JJ;Chartoumpekis, DV;Kimura, S;Slocum, SL;Noda, K;Palliyaguru, DL;Fujimuro, M;Boley, PA;Tanaka, Y;Shigemura, N;Biswal, S;Yamamoto, M;Kensler, TW;, Mol. Cell. Biol. Dec 2013. [pGFP-V-RS]

p53/MDM2 Feed-back Loop Sustains miR-221 Expression and Dictates the Response to Anticancer Treatments in Hepatocellular Carcinoma, Fornari, F;Milazzo, M;Galassi, M;Callegari, E;Veronese, A;Miyaaki, H;Sabbioni, S;Mantovani, V;Marasco, E;Chieco, P;Negrini, M;Bolondi, L;Gramantieri, L;, Mol. Cancer Res. Dec 2013. [pGFP-V- RS]

PID1 (NYGGF4), a new growth-inhibitory gene in embryonal brain tumors and gliomas, Erdreich-Epstein, A;Robison, N;Ren, X;Zhou, H;Xu, J;Davidson, TB;Schur, M;Gilles, FH;Ji, L;Malvar, J;Shackleford, GM;Margol, A;Krieger, MD;Judkins, AR;Jones, DT;Pfister, SM;Kool, M;Sposto, R;Asgharzadeh, S;, Clin. Cancer Res. Dec 2013. [pCMV6-AC-GFP]

The designer leptin antagonist peptide Allo-aca compensates for short serum half-life with very tight binding to the receptor, Otvos, L;Vetter, SW;Koladia, M;Knappe, D;Schmidt, R;Ostorhazi, E;Kovalszky, I;Bionda, N;Cudic, P;Surmacz, E;Wade, JD;Hoffmann, R;, Amino Acids Dec 2013. [pEX]


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