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PCMV6-AC-FLAG Dual-Specificity Phosphatase 14 (DUSP14/MKP6) Negatively Regulates TCR Signaling by Inhibiting TAB1 Activation, Yang, CY;Li, JP;Chiu, LL;Lan, JL;Chen, DY;Chuang, HC;Huang, CY;Tan, TH;, J. Immunol., Jan 2014. PS100005

BCRT101 Involvement of vacuolar H(+) -ATPase in killing of human melanoma cells by the sphingosine kinase analogue FTY720, Tay, KH;Liu, X;Chi, M;Jin, L;Jiang, CC;Guo, ST;Verrills, NM;Tseng, HY;Zhang, XD;, Pigment Cell Melanoma Res Oct 2014 PS100020

BCRT101 MicroRNA-200b Suppresses Arsenic-transformed Cell Migration by Targeting Protein Kinase Ca and Wnt5b-Protein Kinase Ca Positive Feedback Loop and Inhibiting Rac1 Activation, Wang, Z;Humphries, B;Xiao, H;Jiang, Y;Yang, C;, J. Biol. Chem. May 2014 PS100062

BCRT101 Trafficking of the Transcription Factor Nrf2 to Promyelocytic Leukemia-Nuclear Bodies: IMPLICATIONS FOR DEGRADATION OF NRF2 IN THE NUCLEUS*, Flores, J;Ifeanyi, J;McIntosh, TSW;Malloy, AMT;, The American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Mar 2013 PS100001

CDNA LIBRARY Mutations Affecting the BHLHA9 DNA-Binding Domain Cause MSSD, Mesoaxial Synostotic Syndactyly with Phalangeal Reduction, Malik-Percin Type, Malik, S;Percin, FE;Bornholdt, D;Albrecht, B;, American Journal of Human Genetics Nov 2014 PS100001

CDNA LIBRARY Activation of T-cell Protein Tyrosine Phosphatase Suppresses Keratinocyte Survival and Proliferation Following UVB Irradiation, Lee, H;Morales, LD;Slaga, TJ;Kim, DJ;, J. Biol. Chem. Nov 2014 PS100013

CDNA LIBRARY Combining VCP Inhibition and SAHA Treatment Additively Enhances the Folding, Trafficking, and Function of Epilepsy-Associated GABAA Receptors, Han, DY;Di, XJ;Fu, YL;Mu, TW;, J. Biol. Chem. Nov 2014 PS100001

CH1010 Overexpression of alpha (1,6) fucosyltransferase associated with aggressive prostate cancer, Wang, X;Chen, J;Li, QK;Peskoe, SB;Zhang, B;Choi, C;Platz, EA;Zhang, H;, Glycobiology Jun 2014 PS100001

GE100007 Identification of miRNAs that modulate glucocerebrosidase activity in Gaucher disease cells, Siebert, M;Westbroek, W;Chen, YC;Moaven, N;Li, Y;Velayati, A;Saraiva-Pereira, ML;Martin, SE;Sidransky, E;, RNA Biol Oct 2014 PS100062

HLRT101 Functional Impact of ZEB1 Mutations Associated with Posterior Polymorphous and Fuchs Endothelial Corneal Dystrophies, Chung, DW;Frausto, RF;Ann, LB;Jang, MS;Aldave, AJ;, Invest. Ophthalmol. Vis. Sci. Sep 2014 /

HLRT102 Calpain cleavage within dysferlin exon 40a releases a synaptotagmin-like module for membrane repair, Redpath, G;Woolger, N;Piper, A;Lemckert, F;Lek, A;Greer, P;North, K;Cooper, S;, Mol. Biol. Cell Aug 2014 PS100027

HORT302 Targeting of aquaporin 4 into lipid rafts and its biological significance, Asakura, K;Ueda, A;Shima, S;Ishikawa, T;Hikichi, C;Hirota, S;Fukui, T;Ito, S;Mutoh, T;, Brain Res. Aug 2014 PS100033

HPRT502 The renal handling of amphotericin B and amphotericin B/deoxycholate and potential renal drug-drug interactions with selected antivirals, Trejtnar, F;Mandíková, J;Kocíncová, J;Volková, M;, Antimicrob. Agents Chemother. Jun 2014 PS100001

MEGATRAN Altered Protease-Activated Receptor-1 Expression and Signaling in a Malignant Pleural Mesothelioma Cell Line, NCI-H28, with Homozygous Deletion of the ß-Catenin Gene, Fazzini, A;D'Antongiovanni, V;Giusti, L;Da Valle, Y;Ciregia, F;Piano, I;Caputo, A;D'Ursi, AM;Gargini, C;Lucacchini, A;Mazzoni, MR;, PLoS ONE Nov 2014 PCMV6XL5

MR215335 Approaching Inner Ear Hair Cell Regeneration Through Non-Viral Gene Delivery, Mellott, AJ;, Thesis May 2014 PCMVMIR

NONE The genomic landscape of response to EGFR blockade in colorectal cancer., Bertotti A, Papp E, Jones S, Adleff V, Anagnostou V, Lupo B, Sausen M, Phallen J, Hruban CA, Tokheim C, Niknafs N, Nesselbush M, Lytle K, Sassi F, Cottino F, Migliardi G, Zanella ER, Ribero D, Russolillo N, Mellano A, Muratore A, Paraluppi G, Salizzoni M, Marsoni S, Kragh M, Lantto J, Cassingena A, Li QK, Karchin R, Scharpf R, Sartore-Bianchi A, Siena S, Diaz LA Jr, Trusolino L, Velculescu VE., Nature 526, (October 2015) PS100069

NP100041 Differentially Expressed Proteins in ER+ MCF7 and ER- MDA- MB-231 Human Breast Cancer Cells by RhoGDI-a Silencing and Overexpression, Hooshmand, S;Ghaderi, A;Yusoff, K;Thilakavathy, K;Rosli, R;Mojtahedi, Z;, Asian Pac. J. Cancer Prev. May 2014 PS100010

OTHERS IRF1 marks activated genes in SLE and can induce target gene expression, Zhang, Z;Shi, L;Song, L;Ephrem, E;Petri, M;E Sullivan, K;, Arthritis & rheumatology Nov 2014 PS100025

OTHERS Enhanced Gastrointestinal Expression of Cytosolic Malic Enzyme (ME1) Induces Intestinal and Liver Lipogenic Gene Expression and Intestinal Cell Proliferation in Mice, Al-Dwairi, A;Brown, AR;Pabona, JM;Van, TH;Hamdan, H;Mercado, CP;Quick, CM;Wight, PA;Simmen, RC;Simmen, FA;, PLoS ONE Nov 2014 PCMV6XL4

PCMV-MIR Identification of novel sequence variations in microRNAs in chronic lymphocytic leukemia, Kminkova, J;Mraz, M;Zaprazna, K;Navrkalova, V;Tichy, B;Plevova, K;Malcikova, J;Cerna, K;Rausch, T;Benes, V;Brychtova, Y;Doubek, M;Mayer, J;Pospisilova, S;, Carcinogenesis Dec 2013. PCMVMIR


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