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Vector Citations

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Paraneoplastic syndrome-associated neuronal antibodies in adult ADHD, Haukanes, BI;Hegvik, TA;Eichler, T;Haavik, J;, Journal of Neuroimmunology Nov 2015 [ SKU# PS100019]

Connexin43-containing gap junctions potentiate extracellular Ca(2+)-induced odontoblastic differentiation of human dental pulp stem cells via Erk1/2, Li, S;He, H;Zhang, G;Wang, F;Zhang, P;Tan, Y;, Exp. Cell Res. Oct 2015 [ SKU# PS100001]

Activation of SAPK/JNK mediated the inhibition and reciprocal interaction of DNA methyltransferase 1 and EZH2 by ursolic acid in human lung cancer cells, Wu, J;Zhao, S;Tang, Q;Zheng, F;Chen, Y;Yang, L;Yang, X;Li, L;Wu, W;Hann, SS;, J. Exp. Clin. Cancer Res. Sep 2015 [ SKU# PS100001]

Altered expression of microRNA-451 in eutopic endometrium of baboons (Papio anubis) with endometriosis, Joshi, NR;Su, RW;Chandramouli, GV;Khoo, SK;Jeong, JW;Young, SL;Lessey, BA;Fazleabas, AT;, Hum. Reprod. Sep 2015 [ SKU# PCMVMIR]

Antagonistic effects of IL-17 and D-resolvins on endothelial Del-1 expression through a GSK-3ß-C/EBPß pathway, Maekawa, T;Hosur, K;Abe, T;Kantarci, A;, NATURE COMMUNICATIONS Sep 2015 [ SKU# PS100001]

DDR2 facilitates hepatocellular carcinoma invasion and metastasis via activating ERK signaling and stabilizing SNAIL1, Xie, B;Lin, W;Ye, J;Wang, X;Zhang, B;Xiong, S;Li, H;Tan, G;, J. Exp. Clin. Cancer Res. Sep 2015 [ SKU# PCMV6XL6]

Expression and purification of the surface proteins from Andes Virus, Beltrán-Ortiz, CE;Starck-Mendez, MF;Fernández, Y;Farnós, O;González, EE;Rivas, CI;Camacho, F;Zuñiga, FA;Toledo, JR;Sánchez, O;, Protein Expr. Purif. Sep 2015 [ SKU# PS100001]

Identification and Validation of a Five MicroRNA Sig-nature Predictive of Prostate Cancer Recurrence and Metastasis: A Cohort Study, Nam, RK;Amemiya, Y;Benatar, T;Wallis, CJD;, Journal of Cancer Sep 2015 [ SKU# PCMVMIR]

Loss of protocadherin-17 (PCDH-17) promotes metastasis and invasion through hyperactivation of EGFR/MEK/ERK signaling pathway in hepatocellular carcinoma, Dang, Z;Shangguan, J;Zhang, C;Hu, P;Ren, Y;Lv, Z;Xiang, H;Wang, X;, Tumour Biol. Sep 2015 [ SKU# PS100064]

Patient-derived heavy chain antibody targets cell surface HSP90 on breast tumors, Devarakonda, CV;Kita, D;Phoenix, KN;Claffey, KP;, BMC Cancer Sep 2015 [ SKU# PS100054]

Posttranslational Regulation of Human DNA Polymerase ?, McIntyre, J;McLenigan, MP;Frank, EG;Dai, X;Yang, W;Wang, Y;Woodgate, R;, J. Biol. Chem. Sep 2015 [ SKU# PS100014]

Se-Allylselenocysteine induces autophagy by modulating the AMPK/mTOR signaling pathway and epigenetic regulation of PCDH17 in human colorectal adenocarcinoma cells, Wu, JC;Wang, FZ;Tsai, ML;Lo, CY;Badmaev4, V;Ho, CT;Wang, YJ;Pan, MH;, Mol Nutr Food Res Sep 2015 [ SKU# PS100020]

Sirtuin 1 promotes the growth and cisplatin resistance of endometrial carcinoma cells: a novel therapeutic target, Asaka, R;Miyamoto, T;Yamada, Y;Ando, H;Mvunta, DH;Kobara, H;Shiozawa, T;, Lab. Invest. Sep 2015 [ SKU# PS100001]

The Effects of NDRG2 Overexpression on Cell Proliferation and Invasiveness of SW48 Colorectal Cancer Cell Line, Golestan, A;Mojtahedi, Z;Ghalamfarsa, G;, Iran J Med Sci Sep 2015 [ SKU# PS100010]

The effects of RelB deficiency on lymphocyte development and function, Sharfe, N;Merico, D;Karanxha, A;Macdonald, C;Dadi, H;Ngan, B;Herbrick, JA;Roifman, CM;, J. Autoimmun. Sep 2015 [ SKU# PS100010]


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