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Chimeric Proteins Combining Phosphatase and Cellulose-Binding Activities: Proof-of-Concept and Application in the Hydrolysis of Paraoxon, Goncalves, LM;Chaimovich, H;Cuccovia, IM;Marana, SR;, Protein Pept. Lett. May 2014 [PON1 SKU# SC119866]

POT1 loss-of-function variants predispose to familial melanoma, Robles-Espinoza, CD;Harland, M;Ramsay, AJ;Aoude, LG;Quesada, V;Ding, Z;Pooley, KA;Pritchard, AL;Tiffen, JC;Petljak, M;Palmer, JM;Symmons, J;Johansson, P;Stark, MS;Gartside, MG;Snowden, H;Montgomery, GW;Martin, NG;Liu, JZ;Choi, J;Makowski, M;Brown, KM;Dunning, AM;Keane, TM;López-Otín, C;Gruis, NA;Hayward, NK;Bishop, DT;Newton-Bishop, JA;Adams, DJ;, Nat. Genet. 478-81 46 5. May 2014 [POT1 SKU# SC112647]

18ß-Glycyrrhetinic Acid Suppresses Cell Proliferation through Inhibiting Thromboxane Synthase in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer, Huang, RY;Chu, YL;Huang, QC;Chen, XM;Jiang, ZB;Zhang, X;Zeng, X;, PLoS ONE e93690 9 4. April 2014 [TxAS SKU# SC109823]

A Bacteriophage Capsid Protein Provides a General Amyloid Interaction Motif (GAIM) That Binds and Remodels Misfolded Protein Assemblies, Krishnan, R;Tsubery, H;Proschitsky, MY;Asp, E;Lulu, M;Gilead, S;Gartner, M;Waltho, J;Davis, PJ;Hounslow, AM;Kirschner, DA;Inouye, H;Myszka, DG;Wright, J;Solomon, B;Fisher, RA;, J. Mol. Biol. April 2014 [SCNA SKU# SC119919]

A nanotechnological, molecular-modeling, and immunological approach to study the interaction of the anti-tumorigenic peptide p28 with the p53 family of proteins, Coppari, E;Yamada, T;Bizzarri, AR;Beattie, CW;Cannistraro, S;, Int J Nanomedicine 1799-813 9 . April 2014 [p63 SKU# SC128232]

A novel role for the Proteasomal Chaperone PSMD9 and hnRNPA1 in enhancing I?Ba degradation and NF-?B activation - Functional Relevance of predicted PDZ domain-motif interaction, Sahu, I;Sangith, N;Ramteke, M;Gadre, R;Venkatraman, P;, FEBS J. April 2014 [PSMD9 SKU# SC118384]

An oxidative stress mechanism of shikonin in human glioma cells, Yang, JT;Li, ZL;Wu, JY;Lu, FJ;Chen, CH;, PLoS ONE e94180 9 4. April 2014 [Nrf2 SKU# SC116283]

Base Excision Repair of Tandem Modifications in a Methylated CpG Dinucleotide, Sassa, A;Caglayan, M;Dyrkheeva, NS;Beard, WA;Wilson, SH;, J. Biol. Chem. April 2014 [TDG SKU# SC118135]

Binding of hepatitis B virus to its cellular receptor alters the expression profile of genes of the bile acid metabolism, Oehler, N;Volz, T;Bhadra, OD;Kah, J;Allweiss, L;Giersch, K;Bierwolf, J;Riecken, K;Pollok, JM;Lohse, AW;Fehse, B;Petersen, J;Urban, S;Lütgehetmann, M;Heeren, J;Dandri, M;, Hepatology. April 2014 [NTCP SKU# SC118232]

CGRRF1 as a novel biomarker of tissue response to metformin in the context of obesity, Zhang, Q;Schmandt, R;Celestino, J;McCampbell, A;Yates, MS;Urbauer, DL;Broaddus, RR;Loose, DS;Shipley, GL;Lu, KH;, Gynecol. Oncol. Apr 2014 [CGRRF1 SKU# SC127014]

Development of a Cell-Based Assay Measuring the Activation of Fc?RIIa for the Characterization of Therapeutic Monoclonal Antibodies, Tada, M;Ishii-Watabe, A;Suzuki, T;Kawasaki, N;, PLoS ONE e95787 9 4. April 2014 [Fc?RIIIa SKU# SC124061]

Differential Cav2.1 and Cav2.3 channel inhibition by baclofen and a-conotoxin Vc1.1 via GABAB receptor activation, Berecki, G;McArthur, JR;Cuny, H;Clark, RJ;Adams, DJ;, J. Gen. Physiol. 465-79 143 4. April 2014 [CACNB3 SKU# SC122090]

Dimerization, oligomerization, and aggregation of human Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis Cu/Zn-superoxide dismutase 1 mutant forms in live cells, Kim, J;Lee, H;Lee, JH;Kwon, DY;Genovesio, A;Fenistein, D;Ogier, A;Brondani, V;Grailhe, R;, J. Biol. Chem. April 2014 [SOD1 SKU# SC111022]

Efficient Parvovirus Replication Requires CRL4Cdt2-Targeted Depletion of p21 to Prevent Its Inhibitory Interaction with PCNA, Adeyemi, RO;Fuller, MS;Pintel, DJ;, PLoS Pathog. e1004055 10 4. April 2014 [p21 SKU# ]

EGR1 supports the osteogenic differentiation of dental stem cells, Press, T;Viale-Bouroncle, S;Felthaus, O;Gosau, M;Morsczeck, C;, Int Endod J. April 2014 [EGR1 SKU# SC128132]


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