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Transfection Citations

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SIRT5 regulation of ammonia-induced autophagy and mitophagy, Polletta, L;Vernucci, E;Carnevale, I;Arcangeli, T;Rotili, D;Palmerio, S;Steegborn, C;Nowak, T;Schutkowski, M;Pellegrini, L;Sansone, L;Villanova, L;Runci, A;Pucci, B;Morgante, E;Fini, M;Mai, A;Russo, MA;Tafani, M;, Autophagy Feb 2015 [ SKU# TF81001]

Gemin4 functions as a coregulator of the mineralocorticoid receptor, Yang, J;Fuller, PJ;Morgan, J;Shibata, H;Clyne, C;Young, M;, J. Mol. Endocrinol. Jan 2015 [ SKU# TT300001]

Novel and enhanced anti-melanoma DNA vaccine targeting the tyrosinase protein inhibits myeloid-derived suppressor cells and tumor growth in a syngeneic prophylactic and therapeutic murine model, Yan, J;Tingey, C;Lyde, R;Gorham, TC;Choo, DK;Muthumani, A;Myles, D;Weiner, LP;Kraynyak, KA;Reuschel, EL;Finkel, TH;Kim, JJ;Sardesai, NY;Ugen, KE;Muthumani, K;Weiner, DB;, Cancer Gene Ther. Nov 2014 [ SKU# TF81001]

Identification of the Major Prostaglandin Glycerol Ester Hydrolase in Human Cancer Cells, Manna, JD;Wepy, JA;Hsu, K;Chang, JW;Cravatt, BF;Marnett, LJ;, J. Biol. Chem. Oct 2014 [ SKU# TF81001]

Reversal of anchorage-independent multicellular spheroid into a monolayer mimics a metastatic model, Kunjithapatham, R;Karthikeyan, S;Geschwind, JF;Kieserman, E;Lin, M;Fu, DX;Ganapathy-Kanniappan, S;, Sci Rep Oct 2014 [ SKU# TF81001]

Trypanosoma cruzi Evades the Protective Role of Interferon-Gamma-Signaling in Parasite-Infected Cells, Stahl, P;Ruppert, V;Schwarz, RT;Meyer, T;, PLoS ONE Oct 2014 [ SKU# TT200002]

EphrinB1 expression is dysregulated and promotes oncogenic signaling in medulloblastoma, McKinney, N;Yuan, L;Zhang, H;Liu, J;Cho, YJ;Rushing, E;Schniederjan, M;MacDonald, TJ;, J. Neurooncol. Sep 2014 [ SKU# TF81001]

Using the atomic force microscope as a nanomechanical partner to support evanescent field imaging, Amini, S;Sun, Z;Meininger, GA;Meissner, KE;, The European Physical Journal Special Topics Sep 2014 [ SKU# TF81001]

IL-1ß induces p62/SQSTM1 and represses androgen receptor expression in prostate cancer cells, Chang, M;Patel, V;Gwede, M;Morgado, M;Tomasevich, K;Fong, E;Farach-Carson, M;Delk, N;, J. Cell. Biochem. Aug 2014 [ SKU# TT300001]

Lentivector integration sites in ependymal cells from a model of metachromatic leukodystrophy: non-B DNA as a new factor influencing integration, McAllister, RG;Liu, J;Woods, MW;Tom, SK;Rupar, CA;Barr, SD;, Mol Ther Nucleic Acids Aug 2014 [ SKU# TF81001]

Saturation editing of genomic regions by multiplex homology-directed repair, Findlay, GM;Boyle, EA;Hause, RJ;Klein, JC;Shendure, J;, Nature Aug 2014 [ SKU# TF81001]

RNA Interference as a Tool to Selectively Down-Modulate Protein Function, Fernandez-Fernandez, S;Bolaños, JP;, Brain Energy Metabolism Jul 2014 [ SKU# TT100064]

Gene expression profiling identifies FYN as an important molecule in tamoxifen resistance and a predictor of early recurrence in patients treated with endocrine therapy, Elias, D;Vever, H;Lænkholm, AV;Gjerstorff, MF;Yde, CW;Lykkesfeldt, AE;Ditzel, HJ;, Oncogene Jun 2014 [ SKU# TF81001]

Nonviral gene transfer to human meniscal cells. Part I: transfection analyses and cell transplantation to meniscus explants, Lee, HP;Kaul, G;Cucchiarini, M;Madry, H;, Int Orthop Jun 2014 [ SKU# TF81001]

Co-Administration of Molecular Adjuvants Expressing NF-Kappa B Subunit p65/RelA or Type-1 Transactivator T-bet Enhance Antigen Specific DNA Vaccine- …, Shedlock, DJ;Tingey, C;Mahadevan, L;Hutnick, N;, Vaccines Mar 2014 [Turbofectin 8.0 SKU# TF81001]


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