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siRNA Citations

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Antagonism of tumoral prolactin receptor promotes autophagy-related cell death, Wen, Y;Zand, B;Ozpolat, B;Szczepanski, MJ;Lu, C;Yuca, E;Carroll, AR;Alpay, N;Bartholomeusz, C;Tekedereli, I;Kang, Y;Rupaimoole, R;Pecot, CV;Dalton, HJ;Hernandez, A;Lokshin, A;Lutgendorf, SK;Liu, J;Hittelman, WN;Chen, WY;Lopez-Berestein, G;Szajnik, M;Ueno, NT;Coleman, RL;Sood, AK;, Cell Rep 488-500 7 2. April 2014 [ATG5 SKU# SR306286]

Electrochemical evaluation of sarcomeric a-actinin in embryoid bodies after gene silencing using an LSI-based amperometric sensor array, Ino, K;Inoue, KY;Suda, A;Kunikata, R;Matsudaira, M;, Anal. Methods . April 2014 [CITED2 SKU# SR307027]

LAMTOR2-Mediated Modulation of NGF/MAPK Activation Kinetics during Differentiation of PC12 Cells, Thauerer, B;Voegele, P;Hermann-Kleiter, N;Thuille, N;de Araujo, ME;Offterdinger, M;Baier, G;Huber, LA;Baier-Bitterlich, G;, PLoS ONE e95863 9 4. April 2014 [LAMTOR2 SKU# SR309134]

MiR-21 Targets 15-PGDH and Promotes Cholangiocarcinoma Growth, Lu, L;Byrnes, K;Han, C;Wang, Y;Wu, T;, Mol. Cancer Res. April 2014 [COX2 SKU# SR303873]

Mitochondria directly donate their membrane to form autophagosomes during a novel mechanism of parkin-associated mitophagy, Cook, KL;Soto-Pantoja, DR;Abu-Asab, M;Clarke, PA;Roberts, DD;Clarke, R;, Cell Biosci 16 4 1. April 2014 [PARK2 SKU# SR303355]

Molecular and Cellular Roles of PI31 (PSMF1) in Regulation of Proteasome Function, Li, X;Thompson, D;Kumar, B;Demartino, GN;, J. Biol. Chem. April 2014 [PI31 SKU# SR306299]

Oestrogen induced downregulation of TFPI expression is mediated by ERa, Ali, HO;Stavik, B;Dørum, E;Iversen, N;Sandset, PM;, Thrombosis Research . April 2014 [ESR1 SKU# SR301461]

The adapter proteins ADAP and Nck cooperate in T cell adhesion, Lettau, M;Kliche, S;Kabelitz, D;Janssen, O;, Mol. Immunol. 72-79 60 1. April 2014 [ADAP SKU# SR301681]

The adapter proteins ADAP and Nck cooperate in T cell adhesion, Lettau, M;Kliche, S;Kabelitz, D;Janssen, O;, Mol. Immunol. 72-79 60 1. April 2014 [NCK1 SKU# SR303089]

Transient Induction of ING4 by MYC Drives Prostate Epithelial Cell Differentiation and its Disruption Drives Prostate Tumorigenesis, Berger, PL;Frank, SB;Schulz, VV;Nollet, EA;Edick, MJ;Holly, B;Chang, TT;Hostetter, G;Kim, S;Miranti, CK;, Cancer Res. April 2014 [MYC SKU# SR303025]

TRIM29 as a Novel Biomarker in Pancreatic Adenocarcinoma, Sun, H;Dai, X;Han, B;, Disease Markers 2014 . April 2014 [TRIM29 SKU# SR308430]

Constitutive Expression of PTX3 by Human Amniotic Membrane Cells Leads to Formation of the HC-HA/PTX3 Complex, Zhang, S;Zhu, YT;Chen, SY;He, H;Tseng, SC;, J. Biol. Chem. Mar 2014 [PTX3 SKU# SR303915]

Disruption of the nuclear p53-GAPDH complex protects against ischemia-induced neuronal damage, Zhai, D;Chin, K;Wang, M;Liu, F;, Mol Brain Mar 2014 [Siah1 SKU# SR304369]

Increased drug resistance associated with reduced glucose levels and an enhanced glycolysis phenotype, Bhattacharya, B;Low, SH;Soh, C;Kamal Mustapa, N;Beloueche-Babari, M;Koh, KX;Loh, J;Soong, R;, Br. J. Pharmacol. Mar 2014 [Atg5 SKU# SR306286]

LPS and IL-1 differentially activate mouse and human astrocytes: Role of CD14, Tarassishin, L;Suh, HS;Lee, SC;, Glia Mar 2014 [CD14 SKU# SR412356]


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