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Tissue Citations

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Reproducible, quantitative and flexible molecular sub-typing of clinical DLBCL samples using the NanoString nCounter system, Veldman-Jones, M;Lai, Z;Wappett, M;Harbron, C;Barrett, JC;Harrington, EA;Thress, KS;, Clin. Cancer Res. Oct 2014 [Tissues SKU# ]

Hydrogen sulfide represses androgen receptor transactivation by targeting at the second zinc-finger module, Zhao, K;Li, S;Wu, L;Lai, C;Yang, G;, J. Biol. Chem. Jun 2014 [ SKU# /]

A novel chimeric antigen receptor against PSCA mediates tumor destruction in a humanized mouse model of pancreatic cancer, Abate-Daga, D;Lagisetty, KH;Tran, E;Zheng, Z;Gattinoni, L;Yu, Z;Burns, WR;Miermont, AM;Teper, Y;Rudloff, U;Restifo, NP;Feldman, SA;Rosenberg, SA;Morgan, RA;, Hum. Gene Ther. April 2014 [pancreatic adenocarcinoma SKU# ]

Glucagon regulates hepatic kisspeptin to impair insulin secretion, Song, WJ;Mondal, P;Wolfe, A;Alonso, LC;Stamateris, R;Ong, BW;Lim, OC;Yang, KS;Radovick, S;Novaira, HJ;Farber, EA;Farber, CR;Turner, SD;Hussain, MA;, Cell Metab. 667-81 19 4. April 2014 [Tissue Samples SKU# ]

Phosphatidylinositol 4-phosphate in the Golgi apparatus regulates cell-cell adhesion and invasive cell migration in human breast cancer, Tokuda, E;Itoh, T;Hasegawa, J;Ijuin, T;Takeuchi, Y;Irino, Y;Fukumoto, M;Takenawa, T;, Cancer Res. April 2014 [human breast cancer tissue protein lysates SKU# ]

Tissue mechanics modulate microRNA-dependent PTEN expression to regulate malignant progression, Mouw, JK;Yui, Y;Damiano, L;Bainer, RO;Lakins, JN;Acerbi, I;Ou, G;Wijekoon, AC;Levental, KR;Gilbert, PM;Hwang, ES;Chen, YY;Weaver, VM;, Nat. Med. Mar 2014 [Breast Tumor Tissue SKU# ]

Involvement of androgen receptor and glucose-regulated protein 78kDa in human hepatocarcinogenesis, Jiang, X;Kanda, T;Nakamoto, S;Miyamura, T;Wu, S;Yokosuka, O;, Exp. Cell Res. Feb 2014 [HCC Tissues SKU# ]

Targeting HOX transcription factors in prostate cancer, Morgan, R;Boxall, A;Harrington, KJ;Simpson, GR;Michael, A;Pandha, HS;, BMC Urol, Feb 2014. [prostate tumor total RNA SKU# ]

The aspartate metabolism pathway is differentiable in human hepatocellular carcinoma: transcriptomics and (13) C-isotope based metabolomics, Darpolor, MM;Basu, SS;Worth, A;Nelson, DS;Clarke-Katzenberg, RH;Glickson, JD;Kaplan, DE;Blair, IA;, NMR Biomed, Feb 2014. [Tissue Samples SKU# ]

GSK-3β Phosphorylates and Stabilizes HLXB9 in Insulinoma Cells to Form a Targetable Mechanism of Controlling Insulinoma Cell Proliferation, Desai, SS;Modali, SD;Parekh, VI;Kebebew, E;Agarwal, SK;, J. Biol. Chem., Jan 2014. [Normal Human Pancreas Tissue SKU# ]

MicroRNA-542-3p Inhibits Tumor Angiogenesis by Targeting Angiopoietin2, He, T;Qi, F;Jia, L;Wang, S;Song, N;Guo, L;Fu, Y;Luo, Y;, J. Pathol., Jan 2014. [Breast Cancer Tissues SKU# ]

The La antigen is over-expressed in lung cancer and is a selective dead cancer cell target for radioimmunotherapy using the La-specific antibody APOMAB®, Staudacher, AH;Al-Ejeh, F;Fraser, CK;Darby, JM;Roder, DM;Ruszkiewicz, A;Manavis, J;Brown, MP;, EJNMMI Res, Jan 2014. [TMA SKU# ]

Casein Kinase 1{varepsilon} Promotes Cell Proliferation by Regulating mRNA Translation, Shin, S;Wolgamott, L;Roux, PP;Yoon, SO;, Cancer Res. Dec 2013. [Cancer tissue microarrays SKU# /]

SHON Is a Novel Estrogen-Regulated Oncogene in Mammary Carcinoma That Predicts Patient Response to Endocrine Therapy, Jung, Y;Abdel-Fatah, TM;Chan, SY;Nolan, CC;Green, AR;Ellis, IO;Li, L;Huang, B;Lu, J;Xu, B;Chen, L;Ma, RZ;Zhang, M;Wang, J;Wu, Z;Zhu, T;Perry, JK;Lobie, PE;Liu, DX;, Cancer Res. Dec 2013. [Human Tissue cDNAs SKU# ]

Casein Kinase 1ε promotes cell proliferation by regulating mRNA translation, Shin, S;Wolgamott, L;Roux, PP;Yoon, SO;, Cancer research Nov 2013 [TMA SKU# ]


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