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3'' UTR Citations

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miRNA-221 is elevated in cystic fibrosis airway epithelial cells and regulates expression of ATF6, Oglesby, IK;Agrawal, R;Mall, MA;, Molecular and Cellular Pediatrics Jul 2015 [ATF6 SKU# SC205479]

Chromosome 21-derived hsa-miR-155-5p regulates mitochondrial biogenesis by targeting Mitochondrial Transcription Factor A (TFAM), Quiñones-Lombraña, A;Blanco, JG;, Biochim. Biophys. Acta Apr 2015 [TFAM SKU# SC212176]

Erythropoietin mediated expression of Placenta Growth Factor is regulated via activation of hypoxia inducible factor -1a and post-transcriptionally by mir214 in Sickle Cell Disease, Gonsalves, CS;Li, C;Mwa Mpollo, MS;Pullarkat, V;Malik, P;Tahara, SM;Kalra, VK;, Biochem. J. Apr 2015 [PGF SKU# SC210960]

miR-1269 promotes metastasis and forms a positive feedback loop with TGF-[beta], Bu, P;Wang, L;Chen, KY;Rakhilin, N;Sun, J;, Nature Communications Apr 2015 [SMAD7 SKU# SC215141]

ADAM12-L is a direct target of the miR-29 and miR-200 families in breast cancer, Duhachek-Muggy, S;Zolkiewska, A;, BMC cancer Mar 2015 [ADAM12 SKU# SC220027]

MicroRNA-152 represses VEGF and TGFß1 expressions through post-transcriptional inhibition of (Pro)renin receptor in human retinal endothelial cells, Haque, R;Hur, EH;Farrell, AN;Iuvone, PM;Howell, JC;, Mol. Vis. Mar 2015 [ATP6AP2 SKU# SC210837]

?-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids upregulate 15-PGDH expression in cholangiocarcinoma cells by inhibiting miR-26a/b expression, Yao, L;Han, C;Song, K;Zhang, J;Lim, K;Wu, T;, Cancer Res. Feb 2015 [HPGD SKU# SC216485]

MicroRNA expression profiling of human blood monocyte subsets highlights functional differences, Dang, TM;Wong, WC;Ong, SM;Li, P;Lum, J;Chen, J;Poidinger, M;Zolezzi, F;Wong, SC;, Immunology Feb 2015 [RELA SKU# SC209996]

MicroRNA-223 Expression Is Upregulated in Insulin Resistant Human Adipose Tissue, Chuang, TY;Wu, HL;Chen, CC;, Journal of Diabetes Research Jan 2015 [SLC2A4 SKU# SC214541]

Therapeutic targeting of CBP/ß-catenin signaling reduces cancer stem-like population and synergistically suppresses growth of EBV-positive nasopharyngeal carcinoma cells with cisplatin, Chan, KC;Chan, LS;Ip, JCY;Lo, C;Yip, TTC;, Scientific reports Jan 2015 [SOX2 SKU# SC212702]

MicroRNA-940 suppresses prostate cancer migration and invasion by regulating MIEN1, Rajendiran, S;Parwani, AV;Hare, RJ;Dasgupta, S;Roby, RK;Vishwanatha, JK;, Mol. Cancer Nov 2014 [C17ORF37 SKU# SC205280]

Identification of a New Target of miR-16, Vacuolar Protein Sorting 4a, Adhikari, N;Guan, W;Capaldo, B;Mackey, AJ;Carlson, M;Ramakrishnan, S;Walek, D;Gupta, M;Mitchell, A;Eckman, P;John, R;Ashley, E;Barton, PJ;Hall, JL;, PLoS ONE July 2014 [VPS4A SKU# SC209710]

MicroRNA Regulation of Mitogenic Signaling Networks in the Human Placenta, Farrokhnia, F;Aplin, JD;Westwood, M;Forbes, K;, J. Biol. Chem. July 2014 [MAPK1 SKU# SC201852]

MicroRNA Regulation of Mitogenic Signaling Networks in the Human Placenta, Farrokhnia, F;Aplin, JD;Westwood, M;Forbes, K;, J. Biol. Chem. July 2014 [MYC SKU# SC206606]

miRNAs Affect the Expression of Innate and Adaptive Immunity Proteins in Celiac Disease, Magni, S;Comani, GB;Elli, L;Vanessi, S;Ballarini, E;Nicolini, G;Rusconi, M;Castoldi, M;Meneveri, R;Muckenthaler, MU;Bardella, MT;Barisani, D;, Am. J. Gastroenterol. July 2014 [NOD2 SKU# SC213503]


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