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siRNA (27 mer) Guaranteed knockdown for gene silencing

Genomewide siRNA coverage against human, mouse and rat
27mer siRNA

Trilencer-27 siRNA kit contains Dicer-Substrate duplexes that provide two critical improvements over the use of traditional 21mer siRNA designs. 27mer siRNA takes advantage of the natural processing by Dicer producing 10-fold higher potency and specificity than shorter 21mer RNAi forms. 27mer siRNA duplexes also evade the radar of the mammalian interferon response when expressed in mammalian cells and initiates strong and specific gene silencing.

By its optimal design, 27mer siRNA has the advantages of improved efficacy and minimal interferon response. Learn more about Dicer-Substrate technology in this Nature Publication.

Publications citing OriGene’s 27mer siRNA (view all)

Nascent chromatin capture proteomics determines chromatin dynamics during DNA replication. Alabert, C, et al. Nature Cell Biology.

A novel role for the apoptosis inhibitor ARC in suppressing TNFα-induced regulated necrosis. Kung, G, et al. Cell Death & Differentiation.

Features & Benefits:

  • Genomewide coverage against human, mouse and rat
  • 27mer Dicer-substrate duplex--higher potency & minimal interferon response
  • Guaranteed gene knockdown (≥70%)
  • 3 gene-specific siRNAs + 1 negative control

SKU Description Price Availability
SR3XXXXX Gene-specific 3 unique 27mer siRNA duplexes - 2 nmol each + 1 negative control - 2 nmol $290-390 Varies
SRXXXXXXa/b/c Single siRNA duplex (10nmol), buffer is included, scrambled control not included $300 2 weeks

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