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Chimeric Proteins Combining Phosphatase and Cellulose-Binding Activities: Proof-of-Concept and Application in the Hydrolysis of Paraoxon Protein Pept. Lett. May 2014 [PON1]

POT1 loss-of-function variants predispose to familial melanoma Nat. Genet. 478-81 46 5. May 2014 [POT1]

18ß-Glycyrrhetinic Acid Suppresses Cell Proliferation through Inhibiting Thromboxane Synthase in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer PLoS ONE e93690 9 4. April 2014 [TxAS]

A Bacteriophage Capsid Protein Provides a General Amyloid Interaction Motif (GAIM) That Binds and Remodels Misfolded Protein Assemblies J. Mol. Biol. April 2014 [SCNA]

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The Rapid-Screen™ Arrayed cDNA Library system utilizes two separate plates - a "Master Plate" and a "Sub- Plate" - to isolate the clone of interest. The Master Plate is a standard 96-well microtiter plate arrayed with a size-selected cDNA library at a titer of approximately 5000 clones per well. The Master Plate is screened using gene-specific primers followed by agarose electrophoresis of the PCR products.

Depending on the abundance of the gene of interest, positive wells are subsequently identified via corresponding bands on agarose gel. For each well of the Master Plate there is a corresponding Sub-Plate. Each Sub-Plate is arrayed at a titer of 50 clones per well. Gene-specific PCR is performed on the Sub-Plate to identify positive wells. Sub-plate clones are housed in E.coli. A small aliquot from the positive well(s) of the Sub-Plate are plated onto standard LB agar and grown overnight. Using colony PCR, 96-colonies are screened with an average of approximately two positive clones per positive Sub-Plate well. These clones are easily amplified for further analysis.

Kit Components

  • 96-well arrayed cDNA library Master Plate (5000 clones/well)
  • Rapid-Screen vector primer pCMV6-XL4 (10 pmol/?l)
  • Rapid-Screen positive control (483 bp)
  • Quanti-Ladder™ DNA Marker - a ready-to-use molecular marker for easy quantitation and fragment size determination (100 ?l for 20 lanes)
  • Four 96-well plate re-sealing tapes
  • 96-well arrayed cDNA library Sub-Plate (50 clones/well).
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