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S6K is a morphogenic protein with a mechanism involving Filamin-A phosphorylation and phosphatidic acid binding FASEB J. Dec 2014 [FLNA]

Importance of ALDH1A enzymes in determining human testicular retinoic acid concentrations J. Lipid Res. Dec 2014 [RBP1]

A HIV-1 Tat mutant protein disrupts HIV-1 Rev function by targeting the DEAD-box RNA helicase DDX1 Retrovirology Dec 2014 [DDX1]

A HIV-1 Tat mutant protein disrupts HIV-1 Rev function by targeting the DEAD-box RNA helicase DDX1 Retrovirology Dec 2014 [DDX3X]

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1249 Protein belong to family "secreted protein"


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TP300008NM_015926TEX264Recombinant protein of human testis expressed 264 (TEX264), transcript variant 1In Stock
TP300099NM_016468COX16Recombinant protein of human COX16 cytochrome c oxidase assembly homolog (S. cerevisiae) (COX16)In Stock
TP300321NM_021146ANGPTL7Recombinant protein of human angiopoietin-like 7 (ANGPTL7)In Stock
TP300383NM_002889RARRES2Recombinant protein of human retinoic acid receptor responder (tazarotene induced) 2 (RARRES2)In Stock
TP300395NM_000041APOERecombinant protein of human apolipoprotein E (APOE)In Stock
TP300411NM_000358TGFBIRecombinant protein of human transforming growth factor, beta-induced, 68kDa (TGFBI)In Stock
TP300492NM_001275CHGARecombinant protein of human chromogranin A (parathyroid secretory protein 1) (CHGA)In Stock
TP300499NM_001710CFBRecombinant protein of human complement factor B (CFB)In Stock
TP300503NM_001647APODRecombinant protein of human apolipoprotein D (APOD)2 Weeks
TP300507NM_001124ADMRecombinant protein of human adrenomedullin (ADM)In Stock
TP300515NM_002593PCOLCERecombinant protein of human procollagen C-endopeptidase enhancer (PCOLCE)In Stock
TP300537NM_003714STC2Recombinant protein of human stanniocalcin 2 (STC2)In Stock
TP300555NM_006371CRTAPRecombinant protein of human cartilage associated protein (CRTAP)In Stock
TP300586NM_007085FSTL1Recombinant protein of human follistatin-like 1 (FSTL1)In Stock
TP300589NM_001219CALURecombinant protein of human calumenin (CALU), transcript variant 1In Stock
TP300636NM_001039132ICAM4Recombinant protein of human intercellular adhesion molecule 4 (Landsteiner-Wiener blood group) (ICAM4), transcript variant 3In Stock
TP300663NM_006928PMELRecombinant protein of human silver homolog (mouse) (SILV)In Stock
TP300756NM_020216RNPEPRecombinant protein of human arginyl aminopeptidase (aminopeptidase B) (RNPEP)In Stock
TP300809NM_022485MTMR14Recombinant protein of human myotubularin related protein 14 (MTMR14), transcript variant 3In Stock
TP300811NM_005860FSTL3Recombinant protein of human follistatin-like 3 (secreted glycoprotein) (FSTL3)In Stock


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