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169 Lysate belong to pathway "lysosome"


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LY400011NM_000046ARSBTransient overexpression lysate of arylsulfatase B (ARSB), transcript variant 1 In Stock
LY400027NM_000086CLN3Transient overexpression lysate of ceroid-lipofuscinosis, neuronal 3 (CLN3), transcript variant 2 5 days
LY400052NM_000152GAATransient overexpression lysate of glucosidase, alpha; acid (GAA), transcript variant 1 In Stock
LY400064NM_000181GUSBTransient overexpression lysate of glucuronidase, beta (GUSB) In Stock
LY400067NM_000169GLATransient overexpression lysate of galactosidase, alpha (GLA) 5 days
LY400100NM_000262NAGATransient overexpression lysate of N-acetylgalactosaminidase, alpha- (NAGA) 5 days
LY400121NM_000310PPT1Transient overexpression lysate of palmitoyl-protein thioesterase 1 (PPT1), transcript variant 1 In Stock
LY400137NM_000391TPP1Transient overexpression lysate of tripeptidyl peptidase I (TPP1) In Stock
LY400176NM_000520HEXATransient overexpression lysate of hexosaminidase A (alpha polypeptide) (HEXA) 5 days
LY400473NM_001183ATP6AP1Transient overexpression lysate of ATPase, H+ transporting, lysosomal accessory protein 1 (ATP6AP1) In Stock
LY400531NM_001336CTSZTransient overexpression lysate of cathepsin Z (CTSZ) In Stock
LY400607NM_001611ACP5Transient overexpression lysate of acid phosphatase 5, tartrate resistant (ACP5), transcript variant 4 5 days
LY400694NM_001814CTSCTransient overexpression lysate of cathepsin C (CTSC), transcript variant 1 5 days
LY400696NM_001833CLTATransient overexpression lysate of clathrin, light chain (Lca) (CLTA), transcript variant 1 5 days
LY400697NM_001834CLTBTransient overexpression lysate of clathrin, light chain (Lcb) (CLTB), transcript variant 1 5 days
LY400711NM_001912CTSLTransient overexpression lysate of cathepsin L1 (CTSL1), transcript variant 1 5 days
LY400712NM_001909CTSDTransient overexpression lysate of cathepsin D (CTSD) 5 days
LY400986NM_002778PSAPTransient overexpression lysate of prosaposin (PSAP), transcript variant 1 5 days
LY401317NM_004079CTSSTransient overexpression lysate of cathepsin S (CTSS) 5 days
LY401473NM_004644AP3B2Transient overexpression lysate of adaptor-related protein complex 3, beta 2 subunit (AP3B2) In Stock


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